What's The Cheapest Call Center Services in 2024?

The cheapest call center services range from $.66 – $1.29 per call and prices vary based on the duration of the call and the number of monthly calls taken.  On an hourly basis, you will invest as little as $29 – $39 per hour, while monthly contracts can be as low as $1,100/month.

When looking for the cheapest price from a quality vendor, keep these matters in mind:

  1. Will you need inbound call center services or outbound telemarketing?
  2. How many inbound calls will the call center take?
  3. What types of call center services will be needed? (technical services, order taking, screen leads, set appointments, help desk support).
  4. Do you need 24-hour inbound support of normal business hours?

The cost of a call center outsourcing depends on the kind of solutions you choose prices are greatly reduced with larger call volumes.

Three Tips to Getting the Cheapest Call Center Services

Finding the most cost-effective call center services involves considering factors beyond just the lowest price. It's about finding a service that delivers value while meeting your business's specific needs. Here are three tips to help you find affordable and efficient call center services:

  1. Outsource to Countries with Lower Labor Costs: Consider outsourcing your call center operations to countries where labor costs are lower. Countries like the Philippines, India, and some in Eastern Europe offer competitive pricing due to their lower cost of living. Outsourcing to these regions can significantly reduce your expenses compared to hiring a call center in a country with higher labor costs. However, it's important to ensure that the service quality and language capabilities meet your requirements.
  2. Opt for Shared Services Instead of Dedicated Agents: Some call center companies offer shared services, where agents handle calls for multiple clients. This option can be more cost-effective than having dedicated agents, especially for businesses with lower call volumes or those that don't require specialized knowledge. Shared services allow you to pay only for the resources you use, potentially saving a significant amount.
  3. Negotiate Flexible Contracts and Scalability Options: Look for call center providers that offer flexible contracts and scalability. This means you can adjust the level of service based on your current business needs, such as scaling up during peak seasons and scaling down when demand is lower. Flexible contracts can help avoid paying for unused services and can be more cost-effective in the long run.

These tips focus on balancing cost savings with maintaining the quality of service. It's crucial to remember that the cheapest option may not always be the best for your business needs, so consider the value and effectiveness of the services in addition to the price.

What to Look for in a Low-Cost Call Center Outsourcing Company For Your Business?

When shopping for Call Center Service you need to keep the overall volume of calls to be taken in mind. Also, some call centers have cheaper prices by the minute, but you need to verify if they bill in short increments, such as 1 second, 15 seconds, etc. Some call centers bill in 1-minute minimal increments which can cause the price to skyrocket even if their rates are a fraction of the more costly service.

Determine in advance what added inbound call center services you may need, such as:

  • Surveys
  • Lead generation
  • Cold calling services (for outbound needs)
  • Call back services
  • Appointment setting

Bargain Call Center Service Providers with Discounted Prices

What to look for in low cost Call Center ServicesHere are some options to get you started when looking for the best-discounted prices for call center companies.

Global Response: Global Response is an affordable US-based call center and outsourcing solution. Their client list includes brands like National Geographic, Justice, Toyota, and Rack Room Shoes. Their low price call center solutions range from customer care, chat support, to technical support and loyalty programs.

AnswerNet:  AnswerNet boasts of having over 25 US-based call centers and provides full-service inbound call center services customized to your needs. They offer some of the cheapest rates on appointment setting services, whistle-blower/hotline services, and direct response marketing support.

Why Call Center Services are so Important?

Why are call center services so important to businesses?  Here are just a few benefits:

  • Reduce Labor Cost
  • Inbound customer support 24/7/365
  • Eliminates call abandonment
  • Provides uninterrupted services to customers
  • Enhances customer satisfaction rates

Call Center services are booming in most developing countries, but there are no comparisons like a US-based call center with low pricing.

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