About CheapMeNow.com

We help you get the best price possible on your business needs, period. By giving business owners multiple competitive offers from trusted brands in a matter of minutes, we make b2b comparison shopping simple. It’s a no-brainer, when businesses compete against each other, you get the biggest savings!

Whether you’re a new business owner looking for a payroll service or you’re in the market for an office copier, we’ve got you covered. CheapMeNow.com is a leading online b2b comparison marketplace with one of the largest networks of pre-screened suppliers in the nation. Some solutions include:

We proudly partner with a number of b2b comparison sites to deliver huge discounts across hundreds of verticals.  Our free b2b quote request solution allows you to answer a few questions about your purchase needs to help perfectly connect you with reputable sellers who will contact you directly with competitive price quotes.  The service is free to you. These sellers are knowingly competing for your business, and they pay us, or our affiliates, a small fee each time we connect them with a series buyer.

Our goal to become the #1 internet pricing resource for every b2b need. We diligently research topics to provide buying advice on anything you need to run and grow your business. With our huge network of partners and affiliates you also enjoy free cost estimates to help you get the best product at the cheapest price. We never compromise value for the price. Discover for yourself why business owners all across the U.S. trust us for great deals and discounts.

How does CheapMeNow.com make money?

Okay, so we offer 100% free information and you’re asking, how does CheapMeNow.com make money. Simple. Suppliers pay us for the opportunity to compete for your business. You describe your needs, we match you up with the right vendors and pass your profile to up to six companies who then provide you with information, free trials, and discounts based on your request.

CheapMeNow.com is safe and completely free to use, but of course, if you decide to work with one of our prescreened suppliers we always recommend you carefully review their products, services, and offers.

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