What’s The Cheapest Office Coffee Service in 2024?

The cheapest office coffee services range from $89 – $210 per employee per year, and cost may be affected by volume, supplies needed, and delivery frequency.

If you’re looking to provide low-cost coffee to your employees, then a cheap office coffee delivery service is certainly among your best options for doing so. If you’re calculating the costs on a yearly basis, you can typically budget as little as $55, or as much as $127 per year for a reasonably inexpensive office coffee delivery service.

Economical Pricing Considerations

  • How many employees do you have? More staff could result in a lower per-person cost because of volume discounts
  • Do you want to buy or lease a coffee maker from the delivery service?
  • Do you want a machine that taps directly into your office water supply, or would you prefer one that you have to fill?
  • What types of coffee do you want? Do you want additional drinks? Do you require premium blends?
  • Are all products being purchased in bulk? Are you only buying ground coffee and/or tea bags, or are you purchasing K-cups or coffee pods?

Cheapest Coffee Service CompaniesAny of these factors can have a significant impact on pricing. The best way to understand exactly what your costs are going to be is to work with a representative directly from a company to try and find a low-cost solution.

Contracts can also play a role in how much you end up paying for your coffee delivery service. If you’re looking for a low-priced option, consider signing a long-term contract once you find a provider that you’re happy with. In many cases, a company will give you a break on rates if you’re willing to commit to using their services over a longer period of time.

3 Tips to Getting the Cheapest Office Coffee Service

Securing an affordable yet quality office coffee service requires a balance between cost, convenience, and the preferences of those who will be using it. Here are three tips to help you find the cheapest office coffee service:

  1. Bulk Purchase and Wholesale Options:

    • Why: Buying coffee supplies in bulk or from wholesale suppliers can significantly reduce the cost per unit. This approach is particularly cost-effective for offices with a high volume of coffee consumption. Wholesale suppliers often offer discounts for larger orders, and purchasing in bulk reduces the frequency and cost of deliveries. It also minimizes the risk of running out of supplies, ensuring a consistent coffee supply for your office.
  2. Choose a Basic Service Package:

    • Why: Many office coffee service providers offer tiered packages, from basic to premium. Opting for a basic package can be more cost-effective, as it typically includes essential services such as a standard coffee machine and a limited selection of coffee options. This approach allows you to provide a quality coffee experience without the added cost of premium features, like advanced brewing technology or a wide variety of gourmet coffee blends, which many office employees might not require.
  3. Negotiate Customized Contracts:

    • Why: Customized contracts tailored to your specific office needs can lead to better pricing. Discuss with service providers to tailor a contract that fits your office size, consumption rates, and preferred types of coffee. By avoiding a one-size-fits-all approach, you can exclude unnecessary services or products, ensuring that you only pay for what your office actually uses. This also allows for scalability, adjusting the contract as your office needs change.

These strategies focus on optimizing your office coffee service to match your specific needs and consumption patterns, ensuring that you’re not overspending while keeping your team satisfied with quality coffee options.

What to Look for in a Low-Cost Coffee Service For Companies

What To Look for in Cheap Office Coffee ServicesFirst of all, you want a company that is flexible in the contract terms that it offers, and which will allow you to try its basic services without committing to a long-term partnership. Some companies will try and rope you into signing a long-term deal without allowing you to try their services, but that should be a sign that they don’t have enough confidence in their own service. Look for a company that provides a short-term trial (even if you’re paying for it) before they request that you sign a contract.

  • Equipment: Cost to rent or purchase brewers and pots
  • Delivery: Fees (if applicable) per delivery
  • Condiments: Fees for sugars, creamers, etc
  • Supplies: Break-room supplies such as sugars, creamers, straws, napkins, etc
  • Other Items: Including teas and hot chocolate

If you’re getting a machine (or machines) from your coffee delivery service, you also want to make sure they provide excellent service. These machines break down and need maintenance from time to time, and you want to be sure that you can be back up and running in short order.

Also, in order to make sure that your rates remain inexpensive, ask if there are any surcharges or additional fees that get assessed for certain types of deliveries. You can keep enjoying your discounted rates without any nasty surprises by being aware of these fees and charges upfront.

You may also want to bundle all of your beverage needs into one provider. If you don’t already have excellent drinking water that is filtered or provided in bottles, you will find that your coffee comes out substandard. There are some coffee services that can help you attend to your water needs, either through installing a filtration system or by delivering bottles and a cooler as well.

Bargain Coffee Vendors with Discounted Prices

Find The Lowest Cost on Office CoffeeCoffee is the most popular beverage in the world, and the low cost means that providing a complimentary coffee station is an affordable way to let your employees know that you care about their happiness in the workplace. Here are a few options that might be worth looking at if you’re searching for a discounted option for coffee delivery.

Standard Coffee: One of the best things about Standard Coffee is the wide range of coffee machines that they have for users to choose from. You can select a unit that fits in with your office: a simple K-cup unit for the occasional coffee drinker, or a gourmet machine with a built-in bean grinder to make the freshest coffee in the world at an inexpensive price-point. They also have water filtration services available.

Blue Tiger: In addition to the standard options, Blue Tiger also has deluxe espresso machines available. They have also put a modern spin on the standard office coffee delivery service by offering special options such as a sip of the month club, where you can try out new and exciting varieties of coffee on a monthly basis.

Let Coffee Cure Your Headache

Handling a coffee or break room by yourself is a lot of hassle. Between purchasing equipment and supplies and keeping everything well maintained, it can be a real headache. Or, even worse, you could cause actual headaches in your caffeine-fueled staff by not providing coffee at all. With a low-cost office coffee delivery service, you can make your staff happy and your life easier by having a third party attend to all of your break-room coffee needs.

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