Cheap CD Duplication – Compare Costs and Options

CD Replication vs duplication both cost between $0.64 – $1.00, with prices impacted by bulk copying and short-run services. CD duplication doesn’t have to be terribly expensive.

CD duplication doesn’t have to be terribly expensive. You should expect to pay less than $1 for every duplicated CD, with the costs going lower the more copies you order at once. In many cases, it is normal for prices to start as cheap as $0.66 per CD. Many duplication houses have a minimum order that you need to invest in order to get the best rates. It is possible if you want a very small order, usually less than 100 copies, that you will need to pay more than $1 per copy, especially if you want full-color printing on the CD label.

DVD replication and CD duplication are very similar lines of business, and many companies offer both services. DVD replication is typically slightly more expensive than CD duplication. Usually, prices will start closer to the dollar mark, typically around $0.82, per DVD.

CD Duplication and DVD Replication: Volume and Packaging

Cheap CD and DVD DuplicationTwo primary factors affect pricing on CD duplication. These are the volume of disks being ordered, and the type and complexity of the accompanying material.

In regards to volume in this field, more is less. That is to say, the more CDs you order, the less you’re going to pay for each individual unit.

The other factor that greatly affects pricing is anything involving print or packaging. For instance, color labels with high-resolution graphics on them will increase your cost. Hard case packaging costs more than cardboard sleeves, which cost more than paper envelopes. Any liner notes or inserts will add to the cost, as will printing on any of your packaging options.

What is CD Duplication?

CD duplication is simply an inexpensive way to produce a high volume of CDs in very short order. A similar process is used for DVD replication. The process starts with a master file containing the data (often music or audio files) that you want to be duplicated onto CDs being provided to the duplication company.

What is a CD Duplication Service and DVD ReplicationOnce they have your master files, the duplication company uses a high-speed CD duplication machine to produce your copies. Most people will remember the home versions of CD burners that were common in PCs for several decades. Although being phased out of home machines, this basic technology is one method used by commercial companies, albeit on a much faster and high-volume scale.

In addition to simply duplicating your data onto blank CDs, most CD duplication companies include some additional options for providing their buyers with a complete product. First, this includes printing a label right on the disk itself. For simple black text on the surface of the disk, this is a very low-priced proposition. Most companies also offer the option of high-resolution color graphics on labels as well, if you’re prepared to pay for it.

Many CD duplication companies also bundle their services with packaging. This allows you to select various options for how you want the disks to be packaged for retail to customers, along with any printed material or graphics you want to be included on the packaging.

What to Look for in Low-Cost CD Duplication?

What To Look for in Cheap DVD replication servicesThe first thing to look for is a good volume discount when shopping for CD duplication. You should never make small orders repeatedly over time, unless you want to pay far more than you need to for this service. To get the most economical rate, estimate how many disks you think you will want over the lifetime of the product. The best companies should offer you significant rate breaks for ordering a higher quantity. Companies that don’t do this simply aren’t going to be able to match their competitor’s pricing.

Next, if the packaging is important to you, ask to see a sample of their printing and packaging. The type of packaging material used and the quality of the print job can greatly influence the perception of the product that you eventually offer to your customers.

A guarantee of the quality of the product is also important when dealing with CD duplication. A good company should be willing to stand behind their work and provide a guarantee against CDs that don’t work properly after the duplication process. Much like the packaging, the best way to inspect the quality of the work produced by a company is to actually request a sample of their work. Request a sample package of several different products to ensure the product produced is of high quality.

A final thing to keep in mind is that you should have questions about a company that doesn’t publish its prices clearly on its website. Companies who aren’t willing to do this are essentially saying that they’re trying to extract every last dollar from their customers. Companies that clearly list their pricing know that they have competitive, low-cost prices that should attract clients to their business.

Bargain CD Duplication Companies with Discounted Prices

Find The Lowest Cost on CD DuplicationEven if you’re looking for a relatively small order, you should still be able to find an inexpensive CD duplication company with a little bit of shopping around. These companies have discounted rates that are available for a wide range of order sizes.

Disc Makers: Disc Makers has a broad list of service offerings that includes CD duplication and DVD replication. Their low-cost rates are viewable through an online quoting tool. You can specify your preferred turnaround time, shipping location, and packaging options and get an instant quote through the tool. As an example of their rates, a small order of only 300 CDs with basic packaging costs just under $415. Once you order more than 500 copies, the price drops below $1 per copy.

Copy Cats Media: Copy Cats Media has very low-cost bulk duplication offers for CD and DVD duplication. If you order CDS with no packaging at all, simply purchasing the replicated discs, 1000 copies are available for a price as low as $399. Short runs of packages with 100 units are available for as little as $200.

The affordability of CD duplication makes it a bargain for anyone looking for an affordable way to distribute their music, software, or video content. Discuss your project directly with a duplicating company in order to negotiate the best bargain possible for your next CD project.

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