What's the Cheapest Credit Card Machine in 2024?

The cheapest credit card machines, terminals, and processing fees range from $149 (standard terminal) – $604 for a wireless solution. Credit card machines are needed for payment processing for most merchants. On average you will pay a low monthly fee of $8.00 plus a percentage of the amount spent (usually from 1.5% – 3.25% of each transaction).

When looking for the cheapest price on credit card processors from a quality vendor, keep these matters in mind:

  1. Which credit cards will you want to accept? (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover)
  2. How much is your average transition valued at?
  3. How much is your projected monthly credit card volume?
  4. Do you need a credit card terminal? (requires a printer)

The cost of a credit card machine and fees depends on the kind of solutions you choose prices are greatly reduced with larger call volumes.

Three Tips to Getting the Cheapest POS System

Finding the cheapest credit card machines/POS Systems involves considering not just the upfront costs but also long-term fees and service quality. Here are three tips to help you secure an affordable and efficient solution:

  1. Compare Pricing Models: Credit card machine providers offer different pricing models. Some charge a flat fee per transaction, while others have a monthly rental fee plus a percentage of each transaction. It's crucial to evaluate which model suits your business volume and type. For businesses with lower transaction volumes, a pay-per-transaction model might be more cost-effective, whereas those with higher volumes could benefit from a monthly fee structure.
  2. Look for Bundled Packages or Promotions: Providers often offer promotions or bundled packages that include a credit card machine at a reduced cost or even for free, provided you use their processing services. These bundles can be more cost-effective than purchasing a machine outright, especially for new or small businesses. However, ensure you understand the terms and conditions, as some of these deals might require long-term contracts or have higher transaction fees.
  3. Consider Refurbished or Used Machines: Purchasing a refurbished or used credit card machine can significantly reduce your initial costs. Many providers offer refurbished machines that have been tested and certified, offering a balance between cost and reliability. However, ensure that the machine is compatible with current technology standards and security requirements.

In summary, getting the cheapest credit card machine involves looking beyond the initial price and considering the long-term costs and benefits. It's essential to choose a solution that not only fits your budget but also supports your business needs efficiently.

What to Look for in a Low-Cost Credit Card Processor For Your Business?

When shopping for Credit Card Machines the most important thing will be the percentage you pay for each dollar spent. Beyond that, other important considerations are:

  • Contract Length
  • Termination Fees
  • Monthly Fee for Equipment Rental
  • EMV Compliance
  • Low tiered rates (especially for swiped credit cards)

Bargain Credit Card Processor Companies with Discounted Prices

Find The Lowest Cost Credit Card ProcessorHere are some options to get you started when looking for the best-discounted prices on credit card processors.

National Bankcard: National Bankcard offers the lowest price for a basic EMV-compliant terminal. Their processor offers competitive rates and fees, making it an affordable solution. National Bankcard works with businesses of all sizes and accepts most businesses that submit an application.

Square:  Increasing in popularity, Square’s economical flat-rate processing costs make it a low-cost option for businesses with smaller price points. Because Square doesn’t charge additional fees and has low-priced costs on equipment, it’s an attractive option for new or small businesses. Square offers a Contactless + Chip Reader that connects to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth.

Standard credit card machines have several great options and features, including a small display screen, a magnetic stripe card reader, and a keypad. Many solutions come equipped with printers already built-in, and others let you opt for a pin pad that allows you to keep the credit card transaction safe and secure for payment processing.

Let us help you get the cheapest price on credit card processing and equipment from a trusted company in your area.

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