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Time and attendance software can be as cheap as $7 a month but climbs as high as $212 a month for companies with employees in excess of 45 people.

Using time-tracking software is the most effective way to keep accurate track of the hours your staff works. The most inexpensive programs on the market can cost as little as $5 per month in licensing fees. However, for a more typical program with the full suite of features needed to be effective in a corporate environment, a fee of $100 per month would not be unexpected.

One of the easiest ways to get economical pricing on time tracking software is to pay a yearly licensing fee rather than monthly. Usually, you can get a discount of 10-20% or more by paying upfront for a year’s use of the software instead of paying in monthly installments. Some of the best prices for a quality solution are:

  • TimeClock Plus
  • TSheets
  • ADP
  • Insperity

One of the major factors that affect how cheap time and attendance systems are is if the system includes hardware to be installed in your place of work. Today, most of these systems work electronically, using apps or cloud-based software to log employee time. However, for worksites that require employees to swipe a badge as they start and finish work, the software may be integrated with a hardware unit that employees use to sign in. In these cases, the cost of the additional integrated hardware will certainly cause the overall cost to rise.

Cloud-based subscription systems are those that are on the much more affordable end of the time tracking software spectrum. Services that integrate with apps and store time-tracking data in the cloud are more likely to cost closer to the $5-$20 per month mark.

What are Time and Attendance Systems (also known as Employee Time Tracking Software)?

What Is Employee Time Tracking SoftwareTime and attendance systems may incorporate hardware and software in order to accurately get a picture of how many hours employees work in a given shift. These systems also track when an employee starts their day, allowing managers to get an accurate picture of attendance and punctuality.

These systems are used in part to calculate the rates of pay for employees that are contracted at an hourly wage. Having managers track and document hours worked is often an inaccurate system that is prone to human error. By using time tracking software instead, you can get a pinpoint accurate picture of the hours your employees are working. It also provides you with the flexibility to track employee hours based on your operational model. For instance, a time card system might work fine if your staff all works at your facility, but what if some work off-site? With cloud-based time-tracking, you can electronically track your employees’ hours worked no matter where they find themselves.

Most electronically based time tracking software requires a user to log in and logout in order to track their time worked. Some include additional features that allow the worker to specify exactly which tasks they were working on or software that will automatically track the worker’s time logged as soon as they access their workstation. Not only does this type of program allow for the easy processing of payroll, but it also typically includes many different custom reporting features which allow for productivity analysis and coaching opportunities based on employee insights gained from their working patterns.

What to Look for in Low-Cost Employee Time Clock Software?

What To Look for Employee Time ClocksReal-time features are useful for managers and can help increase the value of this type of software. For instance, using this type of feature a manager could login and see an instant report outlining which members of his or her team are working, and what they are working on.

Scheduling is an important feature to look for in time tracking software. Given the clear interrelated nature of scheduling and time-tracking, it can create a lot of unhelpful redundancy if you use two separate programs to perform these functions. The most common considerations in employee time tracking software are:

  • AVA Compliance Scheduling Tools
  • Ease of Use (setup, training, customer support)
  • Features (Accrual Time Tracking)
  • Performance Tracking – Track Progression on Projects
  • Salaried Employee Tracking
  • Admin Control (audit trail, notifications, forecasting)

Always look into the reporting features of this type of software before you start using it. The more comprehensive and customizable the reporting features are, the more you will be able to adapt the software to your specific needs.

Another thing to look for in low-priced time tracking software is whether or not a company will offer you some sort of a trial period to evaluate the software. This is the best way to decide whether or not a particular program is a right fit for your work environment. Install it on a short term basis and use it with a test-base of employees in order to make sure it fulfills your needs.

Technical support is also very important for this type of purchase. If you have a problem with the software, it can affect everything from staff schedules to ensuring your staff are actually getting paid the appropriate amount. This could obviously cause significant issues if left unchecked, so a highly-available support team should be a strong point in favor of any given company in this industry.

Bargain Time and Attendance Software Companies with Discounted Prices

Time tracking software has been a field in which there have been several rapid advances over the last few years. These companies offer more than just discounted rates, as they also have implemented the latest and most effective technology in the field to get you the best results.

TSheets: TSheets is a favorite among tech companies for its easy integration with mobile devices, allowing employees to check in from anywhere on the planet and for managers to quickly see a GPS map of where their team is working from. Pricing starts at a very affordable $5 per user per month for the basic service. You get even more economical pricing by locking in a 20% discount with an annual commitment.

Kronos: Kronos is a leader in human resources software and has products that go far beyond time tracking and attendance, making their Workforce Ready product an ideal solution for someone looking to handle payroll, performance tracking, and attendance in a single product.

Regardless of what time and attendance software you choose, always ask if you can try a demo first. A good program can be excellent but still not be the right fit for your company. You wouldn’t buy a car without taking it for a test drive first, and the same applies to choosing software that you plan on rolling out on a company-wide basis.

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