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Floor cleaning machine pricing starts at a cheap $310 and climbs up to $2600 for the top-end models. Compare prices on machines and save more.

The pricing of quality commercial floor cleaning machines ranges over a wide margin, based primarily on the style of machine you are purchasing. If you’re interested in a hand-operated floor cleaner, pricing will start at around $800 for the top-end models in that range. For a walk-behind machine, prices climb sharply, as these units are meant for much larger facilities with high-traffic areas that need to be cleaned vigorously on a regular basis. Here, pricing starts at around $3100 and can easily hit five figures for the largest or newest models.

The final category is ride-on machines. These are typically reserved for very large, industrial complexes that simply have too much floor space to cover with a traditional machine. Prices can range up to $100,000 for the absolute top of the end-options, but there are low-priced models suitable for more modest usage around the $10,000 mark.


In addition to the style of the machine, the other main factors affecting pricing include the power source of the machine and the service agreement. If a machine can run plugged into an ordinary wall outlet, it will likely fall at the low end of the price spectrum. Battery-powered machines are much more expensive, sometimes 100% more than their plug-in equivalents. Gas-powered machines cost more again, but these are only found in large ride-on models designed to be used in outdoor spaces, such as the public spaces found around government buildings or sports arenas.

What are Commercial Floor Cleaning Machines?

Commercial Floor Cleaning MachineCommercial floor cleaning machines are powered units designed to clean the floors in commercial spaces in a much shorter amount of time than a worker could accomplish the same task using mops, brooms, or vacuums. These machines are primarily designed to save time. If your janitorial team can clean the floors in minutes instead of hours, they have more time to finish cleaning the rest of the facility in the time that would have otherwise been spent on that single job.

Floor cleaning machines, as already outlined, may be hand-operated, walk-behind, or ride-on, although the ride-on variety is rare to see except in very specialized and large-scale applications. More typical are the types of floor buffing machines that a user walks behind, such as might be used to clean the floors in an office building. These units are also useful in multi-floor buildings because they can fit onto an elevator and be moved from floor to floor with ease, compared to ride-on units.

There are also different types of machines for different types of floors. While hard-surface floors may be served by a single machine that cleans and polishes the surface, you need a different type of machine if you have carpets instead. The type of floor you need to clean will determine which model of commercial floor cleaner is needed in your space.

What to Look for in Low-Cost Commercial Floor Cleaning Machines and Scrubbers?

What To Look for in Commercial Floor Cleaning MachinesWhen you’re shopping for industrial floor scrubbers, you always want to make sure you have an affordable warranty to accompany your purchase. These machines are subjected to pretty heavy use right from the moment they’re purchased, and having service coverage is the only sure way to ensure that the total cost of ownership doesn’t quickly get out of hand.

A machine that is easy to clean and maintain is also quite important. Ask the dealer to walk you through the cleaning and maintenance process for a given model before you make a purchase. You want this to be straightforward enough that your staff can complete it on a regular basis to keep the machine operating in peak-performing condition.

Industrial Floor ScrubberYou should also look for recognizable brand names that have been in the industry for some time when purchasing this type of machine. The main reason for this is parts availability. These types of machines will break down eventually if kept in service over the long term. Companies that have been around for decades are likely not going anywhere any time soon, and their parts should remain readily available in the future. Newer companies always have some uncertainty associated with them, and although they may offer a low-cost option, you don’t ever want to get stuck with a machine that is difficult or impossible to repair in the future.

Finally, a company that is willing to send a representative out to give you a demo of their industrial floor scrubbers in your actual facility is a company that should earn your trust. This shows someone who is willing to stand behind their product and the quality of the job that it can do. Always ask companies or sales reps if they would be willing to do this because if you find one who is, you should take the opportunity to see the machine in use on the floors you plan to use it on.

Bargain Commercial Floor Cleaner Companies with Discounted Prices?

If you’re new to facilities management or have just purchased your first building, you might be unfamiliar with the brands with proven track records in this particular field. Shopping for an inexpensive commercial floor cleaner from one of these companies is likely to yield you a reliable product at an affordable rate.

Bissell LogoBissell: Bissell is a trusted name in both the commercial and domestic cleaning industries. This makes it a brand name that many are familiar with, even if they don’t have direct experience with the company’s commercial cleaning products.  They have several products at and under the $1000 mark that will work for many companies’ floor cleaning needs.

Tennant LogoTennant: Tennant is a trusted name in larger yet economical floor cleaning equipment. Their commercial line starts at around the $3000 price point and moves up from there, including large-scale riding machines for those managing large-scale facilities. They also offer both battery and plug-in powered machines.

It doesn’t matter what brand you choose in the end, as long as you do your homework. Research the individual machine you are considering, and always try to see a demo of the unit in motion if you can. This helps ensure you get the most effective, as well as the most affordable, commercial floor cleaner for your business.

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