What’s the Cheapest GPS Fleet Tracking Software in 2024?

The cheapest fees for GPS fleet tracking software are based on a per-vehicle basis and can be as low as $25 for a budget service, or $55 or more for a less economical version.

Fleet managers will also have to invest in some equipment for each vehicle, usually costing around $106-$213, although you can sometimes find low-priced options with a bulk discount if you are outfitting a large fleet all at once.

When you add GPS fleet tracking to your shipping or trucking company, you should expect to have some initial start-up fees as well as ongoing service fees.

Cost Factors

  • # of Licenses: The first factor that affects how much your GPS fleet tracking software costs is how many licenses you need to outfit your fleet. If you have more vehicles, you may be able to negotiate bulk rates or take advantage of pre-existing volume discounts.
  • Software Requirements: Next is the accessibility options that come with your software. Very basic software that can only be accessed through a single portal is likely going to be cheap compared to one with more access points, such as a mobile app. However, the flexibility that mobile technology allows often makes this worth the additional cost you may face.
  • GPS Fleet Tracker Capabilities: Software sophistication is ultimately the largest determining factor in how much your fleet tracking software costs. If you’re looking for a bargain, opt for a stripped-down version with a more reduced feature set. Most providers will have different tiers of service that include different feature sets in the software, with more advanced options including customizable reporting software and integration with dispatch or other types of software.

3 Tips to Getting the Cheapest GPS Fleet Tracking Software

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Finding the most cost-effective GPS fleet tracking software involves balancing affordability with the essential features needed for effective fleet management. Here are three tips to help you secure the cheapest GPS fleet tracking software:

  1. Identify and Prioritize Essential Features:

    • Why: Determine the key features that are essential for your fleet’s operation and avoid paying for unnecessary advanced functionalities. Basic GPS tracking, real-time vehicle location, route history, and simple reporting might suffice for many fleet operations. By identifying your core needs, you can opt for a more basic package that costs less, avoiding the higher costs associated with more comprehensive software packages that include features you may not use.
  2. Consider Subscription-Based Services:

    • Why: Opting for a subscription-based GPS fleet tracking service can be more economical, especially for smaller fleets or businesses with budget constraints. Subscription services typically offer lower upfront costs compared to purchasing software outright. They also usually include regular updates and support, ensuring that the software remains current without additional investment. This model allows for scalability, giving you the flexibility to upgrade or downgrade your plan as your business needs change.
  3. Compare Prices and Negotiate Contracts:

    • Why: Researching and comparing prices from different software providers is crucial in finding the most cost-effective solution. Don’t hesitate to negotiate contract terms, especially if you’re committing to a long-term agreement or managing a larger fleet. Providers may offer discounts or more favorable terms to secure your business. Additionally, some providers might offer a trial period or a demo, which allows you to evaluate the software’s effectiveness before making a commitment.

By focusing on these strategies, you can select a GPS fleet tracking software that not only fits within your budget but also adequately meets the operational needs of your fleet, ensuring efficiency and cost-effectiveness in your fleet management practices.

What to Look for in Low-Cost GPS Fleet Tracking Management Software?

What To Look for in Cheap GPS Fleet TrackingThe more information you can gain from your tracking software, the more you will be able to utilize it to maximize the efficiency of your fleet. Cost is a consideration here, however, as more complex and fully-featured software will often come at a higher price.

Here are some important pricing items to review before you buy your GPS fleet tracker software:

Startup Fees: Ranging from $0.00 to $99/unit

Price Per Vehicle Per Month: Ranges from $21 – $37 per month

Hardware Costs Per Vehicle: Cost between$75 – $210 per vehicle

Cost to Install: National average is from $0 -$50

At a minimum, you should look for GPS tracking suites that include the ability to schedule your routes and dispatch your team to their destinations. Without these kinds of tools, the software is likely too stripped down to be of any notable practical value.

You should also look for what options you have for accessing your tracking suite. Many companies now offer a mobile app, which is very useful if you’re also on the road a great deal but still need to monitor your fleet and view your reports. Ideally, you should look for a suite that is cloud-hosted (most are these days) so you can easily access your data from any device.

If you’re new to the world of GPS fleet tracking, then you should also look for software that is easy to use. Learning one of these programs from scratch, especially if you’re not already familiar with how they work, can be time-consuming, but the learning curve is definitely less steep on some programs compared to others. Some companies also offer training along with their software packages. This is an excellent option for someone new to using this type of tool.

Bargain GPS Fleet Tracking Software with Discounted Prices

Find The Cheapest GPS Fleet Tracking SystemsRhino Fleet Tracking: It is hard to beat Rhino’s rock bottom prices in this industry. The flat fee currently charged is $16.95 per month, without any requirement in regard to a long-term contract. For that price, you get access to your fleet tracking software through either a web browser or a mobile device, a leading support reputation, and full-featured dispatching and tracking software suite.

CalAmp: CalAmp has several different pricing options, but they do have packages starting as low as $19.99 per vehicle monthly. The company also has a number of different tiers of service, so you only have to sign up for the services that you’re actually going to use. Their software is among the best in the business, with a vast range of reporting and analytical features that allow you to drill deep into your data to maximize your fleet efficiency.

Save Money with Statistics

The statistics you can gather on your fleet performance with these types of programs make them all inexpensive compared to what you’re spending on keeping your fleet operational now. This is especially true in larger companies. Small savings on a single vehicle add up to significantly increased profits when applied fleet-wide. You’re doing yourself a disservice if you don’t start investigating how fleet tracking software could benefit your company.

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