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The price of a guard booth or guard shack is typically assessed on a per-square-foot basis. For the most affordable, basic type of booth on the market, prices as low as $31 per sq. ft. are available, but for higher-end guard booths that employ the best available building materials, prices are going to get to $55 per sq. ft. or more.

The amount that you pay is going to be determined by a few primary factors including:

  • Building materials
  • Utility readiness
  • Finishing material
  • Custom size or shape requests
  • Special features

Building Materials: Higher-end or specialized requests for certain building materials are going to cause the cost of your guard booth or guard shack to rise. Sometimes this is going to pay itself back over the long term. For instance, if you pay to have a booth insulated but plan on running heat or air conditioning in the booth for year-long use, then the extra cost will pay for itself in utility savings over the years.

Utility Readiness: If you need plumbing or electrical wiring in your booth, the cost will typically go up.

Finishing: Custom paint jobs or materials on the exterior of your booth may cause the price to rise, but can also provide useful branding opportunities.

Custom Size or Shape Requests: Most manufacturers of guard booths and guard shacks have certain pre-set sizes that they build prefabricated units in. However, if you need a specific or custom size in order to, for example, replace an existing booth while taking up the same footprint, you may have to pay extra for the job.

Special Features: Many manufacturers have options for special features that you can add on to your booth, but these will cause the cost to rise. This might include things like noise insulation, safety glass, or high-strength doors.

What are Guard Booths and Guard Shacks?

Guard ShackGuard booths or shacks are inexpensive solutions for when companies need a small building to provide shelter or security for a guard or watchman at a facility. These products are often cheap compared to building a product from scratch because retailers pre-fabricate them to include everything that you might be looking for in a guard booth. Mass production of modular units allows manufacturers to offer them at a discount on guard shacks compared to the cost of building a custom unit. In addition, these units are ready to go off the line, meaning that they can be delivered and pressed into immediate use.

These units can range from extremely simplistic and basic to comfortable, 24/7 accommodations for your guard staff. Basic booths may simply have a sitting spot with high-visibility windows allowing the guard staff to keep an eye on your property. More complex units may include office capabilities and washroom facilities right in the guard booth.

What to Look for in Low-Cost Guard Booths and Guard Shacks

What To Look for in Guard BoothsWhen you’re shopping for discounted guard booths, there are several things you can look for to make sure you’re getting the best deal possible. First, always ask how delivery is worked into the pricing of your initial quote. With a little negotiation, you can sometimes get the price of delivery worked into your quote so that the finished product is dropped off on your site, ready to be hooked up, and put to work right away.

It’s also important to make sure that the materials the manufacturer use to match the needs that you have for the booth. That means in areas with colder winter climates, making sure that the booth is appropriately insulated, or for high-risk booths making sure they are made from bullet-resistant materials.

Another thing to look for when shopping for a low-priced guard shack is a warranty or similar coverage plan to protect you from poor workmanship. Most companies making these products take pride in their work and consistently deliver high-quality products, but if a booth happens to have a flaw, that can impact the workday of your security staff every day until the problem is corrected. The best companies will stand behind their products and have a policy that allows for prompt and low-cost repairs to any problems.

Finally, always look for a company that offers installation services as well as delivery, unless you have trades-people on staff who are prepared and properly licensed to hook up the booth. For most companies, having a manufacturer provide trained staff who can install the booth and get it hooked up to your utilities helps greatly speed up the process of getting the booth up and running.

Bargain Guard Booth and Guard Shack Companies with Discounted Prices

The most economical guard booth and guard shack companies are usually those that produce these buildings in high volumes. Because these buildings are pre-assembled modular units, companies that produce them at scale can often afford to offer bargain prices compared to smaller producers. However, the trade-off is that smaller companies are often those that specialize in custom units with special features that may be required for more highly specific applications.

Here are two options to consider if looking for the most affordable guard booths on the market:

BIG Booths LogoB.I.G. Booths: B.I.G. is a great option for those who need booths delivered and ready to install. Although the company uses the same basic materials for the construction of most of its booths, there are a number of custom options available for exterior finishing to ensure the booth fits the look of the company or the location where it is being installed.

Allied Modular LogoAllied Modular: Allied Modular is a company that specializes in modular building construction and offers similar structures for parking or tollbooth applications as well as those designed to house security guards. Customizable flooring and finish styles allow you to opt for a highly stylized booth appropriate for scrutiny under the public eye, or for a bare-bones unit that values function over form. They also offer discounted rates on bargain units via their overstock sell-off sales online, which may allow you to find completed buildings for as low as the low-$3000's.

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