What's The Cheapest Hot Tubs in 2024?

The cheapest hot tubs can be found at prices as low as $800 or upwards of $2500 if you want something more durable. 

A hot tub can make an absolutely stunning addition to your home or yard, and adding this luxury feature doesn’t have to break the bank. There are of course a huge variety of hot tub types and models, and prices can vary accordingly. However, if you’re looking to find an inexpensive option, you certainly can. Higher quality hot tubs can be found at prices as low as $3200.

Of course, if you’re looking for something a little more extravagant, you have a lot of options. It is completely possible to spend as much as $20,000 on a hot tub if you’re not worried about staying on the low-cost end of the spectrum.

Many different factors can affect the end price of a hot tub. These include:

  • The number of people the tub is designed to accommodate
  • The energy efficiency of the model
  • The brand name of the manufacturer
  • The warranty coverage (both the length, and the scope of the components that the warranty covers)
  • Water purification
  • Number of jets
  • Jet options
  • Luxury add-ons such as lighting, sound systems, storage etc.
  • Cover type

All of these factors play into the end price of a hot tub, but the size is going to be the most important determining factor. If you’re looking to stay on the inexpensive side of things, you are probably going to end up shopping for a hot tub that will seat between 2-5 people comfortably. As you go up into larger models, the cost of the hot tub will increase proportionately.

3 Tips to Getting the Cheapest Hot Tub

Affordable Hot Tub

Finding an affordable hot tub that meets your needs and preferences requires a strategic approach to balance cost, quality, and features. Here are three tips to help you find the cheapest hot tubs:

  1. Consider Smaller, Basic Models:

    • Why: Opting for a smaller, more basic hot tub can significantly reduce costs. Larger hot tubs with additional features like advanced jet systems, LED lighting, and built-in sound systems are typically more expensive. If your primary goal is relaxation and simple hydrotherapy, a basic model without these extra features will suffice and be more cost-effective. Smaller hot tubs also consume less energy and water, which can save on operational costs.
  2. Look for Deals on Refurbished or Floor Models:

    • Why: Purchasing a refurbished or floor model hot tub can offer considerable savings compared to buying a brand new one. Refurbished hot tubs have been previously used but are repaired and restored to a good condition, often available at a lower price. Floor models, which are the display models in showrooms, can also be bought at a discount, especially if they are being cleared out for new stock. Both options can provide the same enjoyment as a new hot tub but at a fraction of the cost.
  3. Compare Prices and Wait for Sales:

    • Why: Researching and comparing prices from different retailers is crucial in finding the best deal. Prices can vary significantly between suppliers, so it's worth shopping around. Additionally, waiting for seasonal sales, such as end-of-season clearances, Black Friday, or holiday sales, can lead to significant discounts. Retailers often offer the best deals during these times to move inventory, allowing you to purchase a more expensive model at a reduced price.

By following these strategies, you can find a hot tub that fits your budget while still providing the relaxation and benefits you desire. Remember, the cheapest option may not always be the best in terms of quality and longevity, so it's important to balance cost with the features and reliability you need.

What to Look for in Low-Cost Hot Tubs?

When you’re shopping for cheap hot tubs, there are certain things that you should look for in order to find the best deal.

When it comes to water purification, you can find the most economical options in some of the low-priced salt purification systems. Compared to other types of filtration such as Ozone or UVC systems, there are lower-cost options available. As a bonus, these affordable purification systems are also more environmentally friendly than certain other options might be.

Hot Tubs on a BudgetYou can find a bargain by opting for a more simplistic cover. Some high-end hot tubs have special systems that make it easier to remove the cover by using shocks or hydraulics. However, if you’re moderately fit, you can opt for a more affordable lightweight cover that can be manually removed instead.

When it comes to bells and whistles on a hot tub, you can basically get as elaborate, or as simplistic as you want. This will play a major factor in how affordable the end product is, however. Sound and lighting are both integrated into many modern hot tubs, with features such as app-controlled lighting and sound systems with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity available.

Whether or not these features are important to you largely depends on the primary use you intend on putting your hot tub towards. If you plan to use the unit mostly to relax sore muscles or treat medical conditions, you probably don’t need these types of features. On the other hand, if you’re primarily focused on using the hot tub as an entertainment option for your family and friends, then you might want to worry less about finding the most inexpensive option, and instead concentrate on finding the features that are going to let you throw the most memorable hot tub party in the neighborhood.


Bargain Hot Tub Companies with Discounted Prices?

Bargains on Hot TubsThe best hot tub companies should offer affordable pricing, a wide range of options so you can find the unit that fits your needs exactly, and should have a reputation for a long-lasting and reliable product. The best companies will also have a strong warranty that they’re willing to back their product with.

These two companies are just a sampling of the great providers available for those in the market for an affordable hot tub.

Jacuzzi LogoJacuzzi: The Jacuzzi name has become synonymous with hot tubs for good reason. This company produces a number of energy-efficient models that can help keep pricing low and has a huge range of products to choose from. They have bargain units available starting at under the $5000 mark.

Cal Spas LogoCal Spas:  Cal Spas makes hot tubs that are suitable for both entertaining and therapeutic services. The adjustable jets are designed specifically to be highly customizable to create the exact experience each user is looking for while enjoying the hot tub. Their Patio line up offers many bargain options that should be affordable for buyers looking to purchase a hot tub while remaining budget conscious.