What's The Cheapest Medical Billing Software in 2024?

The cheapest medical billing service cost around  $30 – $50 per user per month, plus any upgrades purchased. 

The HITECH requirement in the Affordable Care Act has helped hospitals reduce denials and generate more revenue.

But does this benefit outweigh the costs? Many healthcare providers are scrambling to be compliant, only to discover how expensive billing software can be.

That's why we're here to show you my picks for the least expensive medical billing software in the market. That way, you can compare products and prices all in one place.

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3 Tips to Getting the Cheapest Medical Billing Software

Finding the most cost-effective medical billing software requires careful consideration of your specific needs, the software's features, and the overall value it offers. Here are three tips to help you choose the cheapest yet efficient medical billing software:

  1. Opt for Cloud-Based Solutions:

    • Why: Cloud-based medical billing software generally offers a more cost-effective solution compared to traditional on-premise software. With cloud-based systems, you typically pay a subscription fee, which often includes updates, support, and maintenance, eliminating the need for costly hardware installations and IT infrastructure. These systems are scalable, meaning you can adjust your subscription as your practice grows or changes, ensuring you only pay for what you need.
  2. Compare Features and Pricing Models:

    • Why: It's important to compare different software options to find one that provides the best value for money. Look for software that offers essential features like claim processing, insurance verification, and compliance with healthcare regulations at a reasonable price. Avoid paying for advanced features that your practice may not need. Pricing models vary; some are based on the number of users, while others are based on the volume of claims processed. Choose a model that aligns best with your practice’s size and workload.
  3. Seek Customizable and Integrated Solutions:

    • Why: Customizable software can be more cost-effective in the long run. Software that can be tailored to your specific workflow and integrates seamlessly with your existing systems (like electronic health records or EHRs) can improve efficiency and reduce the likelihood of costly errors. Integrated solutions can streamline processes, reducing the time and resources spent on billing tasks. This leads to cost savings, both in terms of software expenses and operational costs.

By following these strategies, you can select a medical billing software that not only fits your budget but also supports your practice's billing and administrative needs effectively.

How to Compare Medical Billing Software Cost

Finding the right medical billing option for your practice can be daunting. Especially when you need it cheap.

Here are some questions to ask yourself while you shop for medical billing software:

  • Is it web-based or on-site?
  • How easy is it to use/what's the learning curve?
  • Is it HIPPA compliant?
  • Is it EHR compatible?
  • How much support is offered?
  • How much does it cost?

Software Medical Billing

When on the hunt for cheap medical billing products, hosted software is usually less expensive than on-premise products. You'll also pay nothing for IT maintenance since the software provider installs upgrades and maintains the product for you.

Here are some other costs and fees to consider when shopping for inexpensive medical software:

  • Electronic claims fees
  • Setup fees
  • Contract fees
  • Cancellation fees
  • Transaction fees

Once you've decided your budget and which features your practice can't function without, you're ready to start hunting for software. Here are six cheap medical billing software options for you to consider.

Total MD Cheapest Software PriceTotal MD: The Best Option for Cloud and On-Premise

Total MD allows billing, reporting, and scheduling on either a hosted or server-based software.

Features: Get free Lytec and MediSoft data conversions. You can pay an additional fee for EHR capabilities.

Pricing: Tiered pricing plan with the most popular package at $489 per month. The essential plan with cloud use starts at $99 per month, but you can also purchase an on-premise program for $175 per month.

This is a great choice for growing practices that want the option to switch between hosted and installed software as fits your needs.

NueMD Billing Software RatesNueMD: The Best Option for Customizability

NueMD is a simple medical billing software

Features: You can file and post claims in batches. Subscriptions include unlimited users and practice locations.

Pricing: $149 per month per provider for the basic package. The ultimate package is $249 per month and includes more management capabilities and a collection tool. NueMD also offers a custom package for larger practices.

If you want the most flexible option in the market, NueMD is the best choice for your hospital.

ezClaim Affordable SoftwareezClaim: The Best Option for Small Practices

ezClaim medical billing software is the perfect option for growing businesses.

Features: A low startup fee that changes based on how many clients you serve.

Pricing: Advanced is $395 per month with options to add on paper claims ($50 per month), clearinghouse billing ($150 per month per provider), and appointment scheduler ($30 per month).

If you're looking for billing software that will grow with your practice, then exClaim is perfect for you.

PracticeSuite LogoPracticeSuite: The Best Free Option

PracticeSuite is an online medical billing software program with a no-cost option that includes a free HIPPA office starter.

Features: PracticeSuite allows you to bill a single user to a large group of users to fit your practice's unique needs.

Pricing: You can get the starter edition for free with 25 claims, patient statements, email and text reminders, and printed paper claims per month. Their billing plus plan comes with 75 per month while the complete plan comes with unlimited.

This option is best for practices that have no money to spend on medical billing software but need it now.

My Client Plus Cheap Medical Billing SoftwareMy Client Plus: The Best Cheap Option Period

My Client Plus is a hosted low-cost option designed especially for mental health specialists.

Features: Offers a partnership with Healthconnx scheduling and credit card processing.

Pricing: At around $20 per month, this is the least expensive option on the list. This price includes unlimited clients and patients, electronic claims, no setup, cancellation, or transaction fees. The only charge you'll ever need to add on is a $10 per month fee for unlimited electronic billing.

Easy to use and HIPAA compliant, My Client Plus is an excellent option for providers who want all the bells and whistles for the lowest possible price.

Kareo logoKareo: The Best Option Period

Kareo is a great pick for low-cost medical billing software.

Features: Easiest software to integrate with the technologies you already have in place.

Pricing: Tiered plans with the most popular package around $210/mo. A basic package for non-physicians is $75 per month and the top package at $250 per month with unlimited electronic and paper claims filing.

Need the most powerful billing software on the market? Kareo should be your #1 choice, too.

Discounts on Cheap Medical Billing Software

While we've only mentioned six here, there are hundreds of other options on the market. No matter your budget or needs, there is a medical billing software product for your practice.

So you found the perfect cheap medical billing software for your practice, but your practice still can't afford it? The good news is there are discounts to help you afford the product you need.

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