Cheap Mini Excavators – How Affordable is The Price in 2020?

Although the term “mini” might make someone think that mini excavators are going to be cheap, the truth is that a new unit at the top of the class can easily run into the six figures. If you’re working on a smaller scale though and are more interested in an entry level mini-excavator, there are some options, especially in the used market, that are available for $19,000 or less. Some trusted brands with quality used equipment at cheaper prices include:

  • Bobcat excavators
  • Komatsu Excavators
  • Caterpiller Excavators
  • Deere
  • Kubota
  • Yanmar

The main factor in the pricing of mini excavators is the size of the unit. Larger units that are designed to move more dirt and debris faster are going to cost considerably more than the units available on the smaller end of the scale. More affordable models are available, such as the cheap mini excavators for sale around the $30,000 mark, but these can usually only dig down to 6’ and unload at roughly the equivalent height. If you’re willing to pay more however, there are machines still in the “mini” range of excavators that can dig as deep as 12 feet, and which are able to dump loads into receptacles at least 12 feet high.

Additional features also cause the price of these units to increase. Usually this comes in the form of extra buckets or specialty attachments that may be sold with the unit to increase its versatility. The most expensive of these are buckets with a much wider range of control than the standard options, which are useful in precision situations. Upgrading to this type of a bucket can certainly add $4000 or more to the cost of any mini excavator. Getting other attachments, such as a post-hole-auger, can further increase the cost, but can also increase the versatility of the excavator.

What is a Mini Excavator?

Mini ExcavatorA mini excavator can weigh as much as 6 tons, so the term can be a little misleading. These machines are used to dig and remove material from the ground or a work site so that other construction tasks can take place. For instance, a mini excavator might be used to remove dirt before pouring a foundation for a building, or to move debris out of the way before starting road construction. They differ from their larger counterparts in size, which means they are capable of moving much smaller loads than full size excavators. However, what these machines lose in power, they gain in mobility. These low-cost excavators are able to fit into smaller areas, such as between houses, than a full-size excavator, and are also more maneuverable and precise thanks to their smaller stature.

Usually, these low-priced machines are mounted on tracks and feature an articulating arm with a bucket to perform the excavating. They are rated in terms of how much material they can move, how deep they can dig, and how high they can reach. They also feature a cab where the operator of the unit sits when driving the machine. The entire machine can usually pivot on top of the track base so that the operator can get a clear view and approach to any area around the machine.

What to Look for in Low-Cost Mini Excavators?

What To Look for in mini ExcavatorsWhen purchasing any type of heavy equipment, knowing the exact conditions under which you plan to use the machine is of the utmost importance. In the case of mini excavators, this means knowing what dig depth you need – how deeply you need to be able to excavate with the machine. This will immediately narrow down your options when shopping for an excavator.

Decide how you are going to transport your excavator to your work-site. With a small enough machine, you can potentially tow it behind a standard pickup, greatly reducing the cost of moving the equipment from site to site. In this case, make sure you find an excavator that is small enough to not surpass the towing capacity of your primary towing vehicle.

Mini Excavators For Cheap PricesFinally, it is important to choose a machine that is easy to control and which is comfortable to operate. Operators often have to spend long hours in these machines, and an uncomfortable or difficult to control machine can make for a very frustrating day, no matter how inexpensive the unit might be. Always ask to try the machine before you buy to see how it operates in the real world – something that you can never learn from a sales pitch.

Best Prices on Mini Excavator Rentals

Cheap mini excavator rental is also an option if you only need the machine for a small job. This can be a very economical way to enjoy the benefits of the excavator without the purchase cost. However, if you go this route, make sure that you are adequately insured and that your operator is trained to operate the machine safely and effectively. This is the key to a successful mini excavator rental.

Bargain Mini Excavator Companies with Discounted Prices?

If you’re shopping for mini excavators, these companies have proven track records and a wide enough range of options that you should be able to find a bargain unit in your price range.

Bobcat logoBobcat: When it comes to smaller, more mobile equipment, Bobcat has been the name to trust for decades. This company specializes in agile, small machines, including mini excavators. Because the company is so dominant in this space, they have widespread service departments and sales agents throughout the country, not to mention a large lineup with more than a dozen options for attachments compatible with their excavator line. The smallest unit in their new lineup, the 418 Compact Excavator, weighs in at a feather-light 2,593 lbs.

Kubota LogoKubota: Kubota is another extremely well known name in the mini excavator market, with a reputation every bit as solid as Bobcat’s. Kubota has a wide line of compact excavators, as well as their “ultra-compact” model which can still dig down to a depth of over 5 feet.

There are enough well-known brand names in the heavy-duty construction field that there is no need to get creative and start looking for lesser known brands in order to secure a bargain. Instead, consider looking at used units or negotiating a deal in order to get a bargain on a trusted brand name when purchasing your next mini excavator.

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