What's the Cheapest Mobile Offices in 2024?

The cheapest rental prices for mobile offices may start as low as under $214 but can hit $540 a month in busier and more prosperous locations. Purchasing a low-cost mobile office can be done for around $6,200.

Mobile office trailers allow you to have a completely self-contained office space on a temporary work site. These trailers are ideal for the construction industry where management or administrative teams may need to relocate between different job sites. It also allows for resources such as the office to be transferred to new work sites when needed by simply towing them to the new site, which is much more economical than constructing new offices on a variety of job-sites.

Mobile office trailers are typically available for rent from companies that specialize in meeting the on-site needs of construction and similar companies. The pricing will depend largely on the part of the country that you’re located in. Prices may start as low as under $210, but can easily hit $5300 a month in busier and more prosperous locations.

If you’re interested in purchasing a low-cost mobile office, you should be able to get into a used model for around $15,000. This is for a bare-bones model without much in the way of amenities or room, however. If you’re interested in getting a trailer with more office space or with more pre-configured amenities for your use, you can end up paying as much as $50,000.

Size is the first factor that is going to affect the pricing. The larger the office trailer, the higher the cost will be. Low-cost units will also have lower-quality finishings and trim options inside the unit. There is also a large market in used mobile office trailers. In the case that you’re shopping for a used mobile office trailer, the condition of the trailer will be the largest determining factor in the pricing.

3 Tips to Getting the Cheapest Mobile Office Trailer

Securing a cost-effective mobile office trailer involves finding the right balance between affordability, functionality, and quality. Here are three tips to help you find the cheapest mobile office trailer:

  1. Consider Used or Refurbished Trailers:

    • Mobile Office at cheap pricesWhy: Opting for a used or refurbished mobile office trailer can offer significant savings compared to buying a new one. Many used trailers are well-maintained and can provide the same functionality as new models at a fraction of the cost. Additionally, refurbished trailers often come with necessary repairs and updates, making them a reliable and cost-effective option for businesses looking to minimize their investment without compromising on quality.
  2. Negotiate a Lease Instead of Purchasing:

    • Why: Leasing a mobile office trailer can be more budget-friendly, especially for short-term or temporary needs. This approach eliminates the upfront costs associated with purchasing and allows for greater flexibility. Leasing can also include maintenance and servicing, reducing additional costs. If your need for the trailer is project-based or you anticipate changes in your space requirements, leasing provides the adaptability to upgrade or downsize as needed without a significant financial commitment.
  3. Compare Quotes and Customize to Your Needs:

    • Why: Gathering and comparing quotes from multiple suppliers allows you to find the best deal and negotiate more effectively. Be clear about your specific needs and avoid paying for unnecessary features or space. A smaller or simpler trailer might suffice for your requirements and will cost less. Customizing your choice based on your actual needs helps in avoiding overspending on features or space that won't be utilized effectively.

These strategies help in ensuring that you find a mobile office trailer that fits your budget while meeting your operational needs, without incurring unnecessary costs.

What to Look for in Low-Cost Mobile Offices?

Cheap Mobile OfficeOne of the factors that haven’t been mentioned yet is the appearance of these mobile offices. If you do plan to host clients or customers at a trailer, it is important to think about what visual image the mobile office presents. Look for an option called a skirt to maximize the appearance of the mobile office trailer. This fills in the space between the doorway and the ground to make the trailer appear more like a traditional building, and can make your site look slightly more professional.

Ultimately, when looking for an inexpensive mobile office trailer you need to consider what you’re going to need the office space for and then look for a model that most closely conforms to that set of needs. Alternatively, if you’re purchasing a new unit you can use a consultant from the company to help build you a custom trailer from the ground up that will have the exact rooms and options that you need.

If you work for a company that is focused on a small local area, there can be benefits to working with a local provider of mobile office trailers. For one thing, you’re likely to find the delivery and setup fees much more affordable than they might be when working with a provider from farther afield. In addition, if you ever need service or support it can be very helpful to have an established relationship with a local vendor who can attend to your needs at affordable prices.


Bargain Mobile Office Trailer Companies with Discounted Prices?

When you’re shopping for a low-priced mobile office trailer provider, be sure to speak with local representatives. Local dealers can often provide you with the best possible prices and a selection of trailers that are best suited to work in your local climate conditions. Here are a couple of dealers with great products and fair prices.

Williams Scotsman LogoWilliams Scotsman: Williams Scotsman is a global provider of mobile office trailers. Their range of products includes the creation of complete operating complexes using mobile units and include custom units designed for storage and classroom use as well as their office-oriented units.

Acton Mobile LogoActon Mobile: Acton Mobile has options that allow its customers to rent, lease or buy mobile office trailers. Their flexibility allows clients to work with their dealers to find the solution that makes the most financial sense for them, whether that means renting a cheap mobile office trailer or custom-ordering a unit for purchase. They also have very inexpensive options for those who only need a small office, with entry-level models available as small as 8’ x 20’. The bottom line, Acton offers quality mobile offices for reasonable prices.

Many local dealers may also deal with a variety of manufacturers, and offer used mobile office options as well as new models. These are often a good place to go and actually see trailers in person. This helps you make an informed decision about the unit that will best meet your needs, something that can be very difficult to do when only reading online descriptions or looking at sales brochures.