Cheap Office Cubicles – Compare Costs and Options

Office cubicles are a staple of the modern business world. Sometimes called “systems furniture”, cubicles are the modular wall systems used to create divided work spaces in so many office buildings where open space is more available than individual offices. While many workers might dream of having a private office someday, the reality of most companies is that the economical pricing on office cubicles makes them practically a necessity in many large companies with significant pools of employees.

A very basic cubicle will cost somewhere between $200 and $1200. When you start shopping in high-end cubicles, you can easily spend anywhere from $500 to $700 for a single unit.

However, it should be mentioned that you can easily venture outside of the low-cost, basic cubicle options and instead opt for something a little higher end. These are often utilized by companies that believe in the collaborative nature of shared work spaces but also in making an investment in their employee’s comfort and productivity by creating workstations that are attractive and comfortable for their workers. When you start shopping in high-end cubicles, you can easily spend anywhere from $3000 to $12500 for a single unit.

The other main factors affecting the pricing of cubicles are not the units themselves but what you need to be done with them. If you need to have the units delivered and assembled, the price per unit is going to go up. If getting a bargain is very important to you, you may want to investigate picking up and assembling the units with your own crew of workers, rather than relying on your supplier to handle it for you.


What are Office Cubicles?

Office cubicles are built out of modular components that allow the owner to configure workstations in a variety of sizes and layouts based on their needs. Their primary advantage is their low cost relative to building individual offices for each individual employee, and the high degree of customization that they provide.

Low Cost Office CubiclesThere are two primary styles of cubicle systems that you have to choose from when making your purchase. Both are assembled out of individual panels that are used to create distinct work spaces for your team. In a “panel-mounted” system, the cubicles come completely ready to use. Desks, storage, and similar furniture items can be built directly into the panels themselves, meaning that all you need to bring is your hardware and a chair for the station to be ready to use.

Freestanding systems, on the other hand, are much simpler. These are simply interlocking panels that allow you to divide up one large space into individual work spaces. Because these systems are much simpler, they are also often more economical. In addition, they also allow you the option to completely customize each cubicle, using different desks, storage options, or other personalized touches that you might want to add for your staff.

Overall though, office cubicles offer a way to make multiple workspaces out of a single large space without locking you into a set configuration. If you decide at a later time that you want to readjust the layout, increase the number of workstations, or reduce the number of cubicles in order to enlarge existing workstations, you have the option to do any of those things with office cubicles.


What to Look for in Low-Cost Office Cubicles?

Affordable Office WorkstationsWhen you’re looking for some affordable office cubicles, one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make is what type of fabric you want the cubicles to be lined with, and what color you prefer. These units are going to be a predominant feature in your office space, so this decision is going to play a very large part in the overall design aesthetic of your workspace. On the other hand, if you’re not fussy about how the space looks, you may be able to find a cheap option by selecting a less popular color.

Look for models that include enough access for power to meet the needs of your typical workstation setups. You may also find that you can select ergonomic additions such as adjustable display mounts and keyboard trays.

When you’re shopping for a bargain on office cubicles, you should try your best to find a seller that offers consultation services. If a professional from their organization is willing to come and inspect your space and offer you their insights as to what cubicle solution will work best, you can be confident of finding the product that is optimal for your employees.

Bargain Office Cubicles Companies with Discounted Prices?

These companies are both leaders in the office cubicle industry. Both offer a wide enough range of products that shoppers can choose from deluxe models with all of the amenities and added features available, or cheap, very basic panel dividers for work-spaces.

Steelcase LogoSteelcase: Steelcase is a leading office furniture provider that includes office cubicles among its offerings. Their lineup ranges from very basic bargain panel dividers to the deluxe and highly flexible Series 9000 lineup. A wide range of components allows purchasers to create any kind of work-space they may require.

Haworth LogoHaworth: Haworth is a well-known innovator in the office cubicle field, with products that have redefined the traditional office cubicle. Haworth offers traditional panel-based systems that allow for interlocking panels to be adjusted to create offices of any size you require. However, they also have alternative products that allow for different styles of work-spaces, including wrap-around, semi-circular systems that provide a more private feel for workers who prefer a little bit of isolation from their surroundings.

No matter what company you choose to use to provide you with inexpensive office cubicles, one of the most important things to do is to negotiate for the complete order of cubicles that you need. Buying components piecemeal is not the way to find a bargain. Instead, calculate your total needs, including panels, storage components, work surfaces, and other accessories, and then try to negotiate a deal based on the volume of your order. In many cases, larger orders will give you some leverage and providers will be willing to work with you on price in order to help you find a low-priced work-space solution.