Cheap POS Systems – Compare Costs and Options

In today’s modern retail environment, the POS system has taken the place of the vast majority of traditional cash registers and similar systems. The Point of Sale system allows for the integration of a traditional cash drawer with order placement and inventory systems, while also allowing for the processing and acceptance of modern electronic payment methods. In short, if you’re in the business of selling almost anything in today’s world, you need a POS system.

It is possible to find a cheap complete Point of Sale system for right around $1,035. However, in an economical POS system like this, you will find that you’re going to have to do most of the legwork yourself when it comes to installing and supporting the unit. It is more typical to spend somewhere between $2,200 and $5,570 for a standard POS system purchased through a reputable dealer. However, if you’re looking for a high-end system with all the technological integrations that are currently available in the sector, then you can easily spend anywhere from $4,000 to $10,000 for a single unit.

On the other hand, if you’re only purchasing POS software, you may be able to find it for much less. Some options that integrate with iPads or other existing hardware you might own can cost under $55 per month.

Largely, it is going to be the feature set, the hardware, and the service coverage that determine your pricing. Extras, such as installation and training, can also cause your low-priced up-front cost to increase. If you need several different hardware components, such as multiple terminals for different checkout stations throughout a large store, it may be possible to get a discount because of the volume at which you need to purchase.

What is a Point of Sale System?

A POS system is actually a collection of components that combine to create a complete point-of-sale solution. Physically, most POS machines will integrate with a cash register or drawer so that traditional cash payments can also be accepted. It will also have a printer so that customers can be issued a receipt after making their purchase.

Affordable POS SystemThe main components of any POS system are the input and monitor. Basically, employees will use one part of the system to log the purchase into the system. Purchases will then be summed to present a total to the customer, with all applicable taxes or fees added in before payment is accepted. Many things can be integrated with the entering of the order into the system, such as individual customer histories, warranty information, inventory tracking systems, and more. The input could come in the form of either a keyboard where purchases are entered manually or a scanner of some kind as is often used in retail locations. There are also many different kinds of specialized input devices such as the touchscreen-monitor combinations often used in restaurant applications. Devices such as iPads are also being increasingly employed as combination input-monitor options in POS applications.

There are many other add-on peripherals that might be added and integrated with Point of Sale systems. For instance, in certain situations, you may need a digital signature pad so that customer signatures can be integrated into their records after making a purchase. Grocery stores often have scales combined with their Point of Sale systems. There are many other customization options available, and the right combination for your POS system will depend on the type of goods you are selling as well as the way you prefer to process your sales.

What to Look for in Low-Cost POS Systems?

Cheap Point of Sale SystemsLargely, the application that you’re planning on using it for will determine the specific POS system you purchase, as well as the style of peripherals you use to accompany it. For example, if you need a POS for a restaurant application, you’re likely going to want a touch screen for easy order entry, as well as a model that supports software specifically designed for the restaurant industry. These feature options such as being able to track purchases by the table and keeping bills open until your customers are ready to leave.

When shopping for an inexpensive POS system, don’t cut corners and forget to have security measures installed on the system. There are different types of security options, but at the bare minimum, you should find a system that requires employees to enter a security PIN number in order to access the system. In situations where higher degrees of security are important, you may want to install a fingerprint scanner instead.

The software installed within your Point of Sale system is extremely important for ensuring that you are gathering the data you need to from the system. Modern systems are able to be upgraded with a number of software features that can be very useful, such as integration with customer loyalty programs. Others may upload all sales data to a central data bank which can be then accessed from an app – something extremely useful for managers who need to keep a careful watch on sales activity.

Finally, when shopping for an affordable POS system be sure to look into warranty and support options available with the purchase. There are many values out there from companies such as HarborTouch, so do your homework. Ask about upgrading as well. If you want to get a long life out of your system, you want the option to upgrade it affordably, as well as reliable support that is available for a reasonable price.


Bargain POS Systems Companies with Discounted Prices?

In today’s bargain-driven sales environment, many companies are moving towards offering POS software rather than integrated units. This software may then be run on very simple hardware such as an iPad, and then integrated with cloud-based software to provide the tracking and reporting features that customers want from their POS software. Typically, this allows customers to set up a system for much less than they would have spent on traditional integrated portals.

Vend LogoVend: Vend is an example of a software-based company. The product can be run off an iPad or laptop, integrates with other POS hardware, and provides top-tier features and support. What’s more, pricing can be as affordable as $69 per month for a single store.

For customers looking for an integrated hardware and software option, several companies are also in the business of offering these types of packages.

Sunrise POS LogoSunrise POS: Sunrise offers specialty products designed to meet the needs of the industry its customers are based in. For example, it has a separate line of restaurant vs. retail products. The upside of choosing a Sunrise POS solution is that they offer free trials of many of their products, providing an extremely affordable evaluation method to find the POS system that provides the right fit for a given business.