What's the Cheapest Postage Meters in 2024?

The cheapest postage meters are rented rather for as little as $26 a month plus the cost of your postage, supplies and ink.

Basic USPS postage meters can be very affordable, with options as low as $26 – $38 per month. However, for more complex needs, such as high-volume corporate mailing, costs can rise to $1000 or more.

Pricing is based on rental contracts, so negotiating well can lead to discounts, especially for new customers. Introductory deals or trial periods, sometimes offering up to 60 days free, are common for first-time agreements.

Opting for long-term contracts can also yield savings, as month-to-month leases tend to be pricier. In some cases, securing terms longer than a year can result in even greater discounts.

Three Tips to Getting the Cheapest Postage Meter

What are postage Meters

Finding the most cost-effective postage meter rental involves considering not just the rental cost, but also associated expenses and operational efficiencies. Here are three tips to help you secure a budget-friendly yet efficient postage meter rental:

  1. Assess Your Mailing Needs and Choose an Appropriate Model: Postage meters come in various sizes and capabilities, and rental costs can vary significantly based on the model. Assess your business's mailing volume and requirements to choose a meter that fits your needs without paying for unnecessary features. For small businesses with lower mail volumes, a basic model may suffice and will typically be cheaper to rent.
  2. Compare Rental Plans from Multiple Suppliers: Prices and terms of rental agreements can vary widely between suppliers. Shop around and get quotes from multiple companies. Don't just compare the rental cost, but also look at other fees like maintenance, ink replacement, and insurance costs. Some suppliers might offer lower rental rates but charge higher fees for consumables and services.
  3. Negotiate Contract Terms: Don't hesitate to negotiate the terms of the rental contract. Suppliers may be willing to offer discounts or more favorable terms to secure your business, especially if you commit to a longer rental period or if you are a repeat customer. Additionally, inquire about any promotions or discounts that may apply to your business, like those for small businesses or startups.

These tips focus on ensuring you get a postage meter that meets your needs at the lowest possible total cost. It's important to consider not just the rental rate, but the overall expenses associated with using and maintaining the meter, as well as the efficiency gains it can bring to your mailing processes.

What to Look for in Low-Cost Postage Meters?

What To Look for in Cheap USPS Postage MetersOne of the first things to look for in a bargain postage meter search is a machine that feeds automatically. If you truly want the most affordable machine on the market, you might instead opt for one which has a manual feed. This means that you need to pass each letter through the meter one at a time. An automatic feed machine has the ability to process large stacks of letters at once, running them through the machine and greatly speeding up the entire process. Common considerations when buying a postage meter include:

  • Accuracy of Postage Pricing
  • Desktop Solutions
  • Automatic Envelope Feeders
  • Volume and Job Size
  • Mixed Size Feeders

Certain postage meters have the ability to be programmed, allowing you to add a small marketing message to your outgoing mail. While this might not be relevant to everyone, if you work with a highly recognizable brand having the opportunity to reinforce who the mailing is from could be a useful tactic for increasing the rate at which people are going to open the letters you send them.

As all postage meters are now digital, the software included with the meter should be something you look at when choosing your provider. The software should be easy to use and understand, especially in regard to billing, helping to prevent any surprises from cropping up down the road.

If you ever ship anything other than envelopes or need to ship with multiple classes of mail, be sure that your meter can accommodate those needs. Not all machines can process mail of every category, so be sure that the features of the machine align with your shipping needs.

Bargain Postage Meter Companies with Discounted Prices

Find The Lowest Cost Postage MeterThe relationship of postage meter companies to the USPS helps regulate the consistency and quality of machines in this industry. Any company that provides a postage meter has been approved by the postal service, ensuring a consistent level of service across providers. That said, these two companies are both well-recognized players in the industry that offer a selection of postage meters.

Pitney Bowes: Pitney Bowes is a long-time leader in this industry who has a wide lineup of affordable postage meters. Their machines range from small capacity units designed to process a few letters right from someone’s desktop to their DM Infinity system which can process huge amounts of mail in short order. Prices for their most basic units start at $20 per month.

Neopost: Neopost separates its lineup into low, mid, and high-volume mailing needs. For the mid-range products, the cost starts at an affordable $150 per month. Their machines are known for being very easy to use with straightforward interfaces on even the high-end models.

When you rent a postage meter, one of the largest benefits is the ability to pay a lower postage rate than the standard rate available through the post office. If your company has any significant amount of outgoing mail, the potential savings of these units more than compensate for the rental fees.

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