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Depending on your need, Steel buildings cost between $5,700 – $43,000. Steel building construction can be affordable and sustainable long term if planned and executed correctly. Here are tips for affordable metal building construction.

You can enjoy long-term cost savings by investing in a steel construction building.

From outsourcing HR services to streamlining accounting, business owners always need new ways to cut costs. As of late, more owner-operators are looking into cutting the costs involved with accessing commercial space. One way that enterprises accomplish this task is with steel building construction.

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1. Steel Building Construction Beats Renting Long Term

For some business owners, renting an existing steel structure is an attractive option. Renting can help you meet your needs when construction is too cost-prohibitive.

There are millions of farms in the United States. Typically, an agricultural plot measures more than 400 acres.

In some instances, they may have buildings for rent. You can speak to a local realtor to find out if any local farmers are interested in renting out extra space. If not, the realtor may help you find a steel building for rent in the area.

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Alternatively, you may have long-term space needs. In that case, you may want to consider building a commercial steel structure.

Although the price of steel continues to rise, constructing a building with the material is still a cost-effective option. If you’ve been considering raising a steel building, there’s never been a better time.

2. You Can Choose Any Size That You Need: Steel Building Cost

Construction costs are continuing to rise rapidly. This issue continues to plague developers and owner-operators. For this reason, many builders have turned to steel construction.

The size of the building that you plan to construct will determine how much steel you’ll need. In turn, the amount of steel that you need will affect the cost of construction.

For example, a 40’ x 60’ building is around the size of the average barn. It might cost around $20,000 for construction.

However, you may need a smaller building. In that case, a smaller structure that’s about the size of a carport might cost between $6,000 and $15,000.

Meanwhile, a 30’ x 40’ building will provide you with around 1,200 square-foot of space. You might pay between $14,500 and $17,000 for a structure of this size.

On average, construction for a 12,000 square-foot steel building costs around $14,000. You might use this a facility of this size, for example, for agricultural work or automotive repair.

A 40’ x 80’ steel building is another popular size for commercial spaces. The build would render 32,000 usable square feet of workspace. Typically, you’d pay between $21,500 and $31,750 for a structure of this size.

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Still, you may need a larger building. A 60’ x 100’ is another common size for industrial facilities.

The structure would render 6,000 square feet of usable workspace. On average, you’d pay between $19,000 and $22,000 for its construction.

An 80’ x 150’ square-foot steel building will provide you with 12,000 square feet of usable workspace. You might use a structure of this size for warehousing or vehicle storage and maintenance. On average, you can expect to pay between $22,000 and $33,600 for the construction of the structure.

3. There Are Plenty of Suppliers

You can choose among many steel building manufacturers. For example, Rhino Steel Buildings Systems has served the needs of commercial operators for more than two decades.

Rhino Steel Buildings Systems is one of several industry leaders from whom you can source a custom steel building. They’re a reputable company with an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Rigid Global Buildings is a top manufacturer of metal structures and components. They offer high-quality customer service, engineering, and support for the construction of steel buildings.

General Steel Buildings is another company that has served steel building construction needs for more than two decades. They’re one of the most well-known names in the field.

Meanwhile, Curvco Steel Structures manufactures steel buildings for distribution around the world. The company’s engineers have more than 35 years of combined experience.

Finally, Arch Buildings is a leading manufacturer of steel structures. The company delivers a high volume of new builds. Accordingly, Arch Buildings keeps many building supplies in stock, enabling them to erect a structure quickly.

Reduce Operation Costs With Steel Construction

In part, steel building construction costs less because it requires less labor. Also, steel building materials weigh less compared to traditional commercial building materials, such as concrete. Resultantly, steel buildings need less support, further decreasing construction costs.

Steel building manufacturers pre-engineer structural parts at a warehouse. They then ship them to the building site partially assembled.

This practice greatly reduces construction time. In some cases, companies can erect a commercial structure in a matter of weeks.

However, the fabrication process has another benefit. It enables greater quality control.

As a result, project managers can make sure that every prefabricated part meets the required specifications. This benefit is one reason why prefabricated steel construction is much faster than traditional building practices.

Finally, steel buildings are durable. Furthermore, they can help you to save on energy costs.

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