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The investment for a small business VoIP system will be anywhere from $35 to $75 per user per month to as much as $6,000 – $22,000 for on-site equipment. VoIP phone systems including all the required dedicated hardware can be found as cheap as $5000, but companies looking to install large-scale systems that include a broader feature set and more available phone lines can easily spend $40,000 or more. The first important factor that affects pricing is simply how many lines you need to be installed in your business. Sometimes, when scaling up, the per-line price will actually be lower if you’re installing more lines, although where these pricing breaks occur will depend on the provider that you’re working with.

The installation fee will also affect the pricing of a new VoIP system. This may be rolled into the price of hardware purchase or may constitute a one-time fee if you are leasing your equipment rather than purchasing it.

Finally, there will be a monthly fee for each user in your organization who needs a VoIP line. This usually will be between $20 and $100 per month. Pricing is determined by a number of factors including:

  • Your location
  • The total number of lines you have installed
  • The type of usage that you require from your phone lines
  • The countries that you need to call
  • Whether you require additional features

There are also a number of “add-on” features that may affect the pricing of a VoIP package. Often these are sold as bundles and will involve upgrading to a “business” or “enterprise” package from a provider, increasing the monthly cost per-line.

What is a VoIP Phone System?

Business VoIP PhoneVoIP stands for voice over internet protocol. When you use a VoIP system instead of a traditional telephone system, your voice communications are sent over the same type of network as all your other Internet communication. This allows you to bypass a number of the limitations of traditional phone lines. One of the key selling points of VoIP systems for many businesses is that they are typically much more economical than their traditional telephone equivalents.

Business VoIP systems include a number of features that are typically not incorporated with the simple home versions that you might have seen advertised. One of the key features of a low-cost business VoIP phone system is the ability to transfer calls between offices and employees, an essential feature of telephone communications in any corporate environment.

One of the benefits of a VoIP system is that you only need to run one set of cables to connect the offices in your building. Your computers and your telephones can take advantage of the same connection, rather than requiring dedicated lines for each.

Another key feature is the ability for remote staff to connect to the company’s phone network even if they’re not actually in the office. This is useful for teams that allow staff to work from home, or who may have representatives working from the road. This option allows them to use their laptop and a headset to work just as if they were in the office, as long as they have a solid Internet connection. This eliminates many large cell-phone and long-distance charges for remote employees.


What to Look for in Low-Cost VoIP Systems?

VoIP Phones For OfficeWhen comparing low-priced VoIP systems, one of the options you may want to consider is a system that is created using “open standards” or “open source”. When a company advertises itself as using open standards, it means that it will be easier to integrate their service and allow for more flexibility. Open-source standards take this a step further, and if you have a strong internal IT department, open source gives you the complete customization abilities to craft a custom solution that fits your company’s needs exactly. Open source solutions are often much more inexpensive than those which rely on proprietary protocols.

If you have an existing business phone system, be sure to look into how VoIP options may or may not integrate with that system. If there is an option to utilize certain existing hardware of infrastructure, you could find yourself positioned to enjoy significant savings.

Always look for a provider with a proven track record. Like any other segment of the technology industry, there will always be a new player looking to make a splash by offering a new product on the market. However, reliability is extremely important with a VoIP system, and new products sometimes have kinks yet to work out. Go with a proven provider with a long history of reviews in order to ensure you purchase a reliable system.

Finally, something that is often overlooked when searching

for an affordable VoIP provider is the training that their staff can offer your team after installation. This is especially important in a large company where you have many agents transferring to a completely new phone system. Some basic training from the provider can help make the transition much more smooth and should be looked upon as a significant factor in their favor.


Great Bargain VoIP Phone Systems Companies with Discounted Prices?

RingCentral LogoRingCentral: Ring Central is a leader in all types of business phone systems, and its VoIP offering is among the best in the business. It includes a complete suite of communications features, 24/7 support, and a highly secure VoIP service that ensures your communications stay up when lesser systems might fail. RingCentral offers free trials so you can try their economical VoIP service without having to commit a penny of your own money until you’re convinced it is the right fit for your business.

Jive LogoJive: Jive has two basic ways that it structures service agreements with its customers. You can either opt for a month-to-month plan or if you’re happy with their service you can agree to a long-term contract in order to get more affordable rates. Their typical starting rate is roughly $20 per user, with special pricing available for companies that need more than 100 lines installed.

VoIP systems are almost all universally inexpensive compared to traditional phone systems. In addition to all the other advantages, these systems offer, making the switch can save your company money regardless of which provider you choose.

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