Cheap Website Design Services – Compare Costs and Options

One of the most affordable types of web design is what is known as “template design”, which costs around $1200, however a 10-page site that includes a unique design for your firm can range between $2800 and $9000.

If you’re looking for a bargain when it comes to website design, you have several cheap website design options that can keep your costs extremely low. One of the most affordable types of web design is what is known as “template design”, where a designer will use a pre-existing template and simply fill in a few customizable images and text to make the site unique to your company.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a website that makes a statement and which is unique to your organization, the prices are going to typically be much higher than this. For a roughly 10-page site that includes a unique design for your firm, costs will range between $2000 and $9000.

From here, the sky is really the limit. Many websites include integrated web-applications, e-commerce software, content management, and other similar features. For these types of sites, costs can range easily into the five figures.

The primary factors affecting the cost you end up paying for website design include:

  • The amount of content
  • The amount of unique design required
  • The number of pre-built components or templates that can be integrated into your design
  • The interactive features or applications that you need to be integrated into the site
  • The security features you need to be integrated into the site

Essentially, anything that increases the complexity of the job required of the coders will cause your quotes to increase. Billing is typically by the hour. For simplistic and economical web design, an hourly rate for a single designer is normally between $35 and $70, but for skilled developers designing custom web sites, hourly rates can stretch well over $150.


What are Website Design Services?

Cheap Website Design ServiceWebsite design services include the complete spectrum of web development specialties that may be employed to create a functioning website. These can range from very basic HTML programming to highly advanced application development. There are even some web designers who specialize more in graphic design and instead rely on high-end editing software to help create attractive websites.

When dealing with website design services, you may hear your design team talk about both the “back” and “front” ends of your website. The front end is where graphic design, user interface, content creation, and similar specialties come into play because this is the part of the website that your visitors are actually going to see. The back end is the inner workings of the site – the computer code that allows it to function as it does.

The front end of a website is often the easier and least costly component of web design, especially in the case of highly customized or e-commerce sites. In the cases where you need to have applications, shopping carts, content management systems, and other features installed on the site, the back-end development will often require more time and resources than the front end.


What to Look for in Low-Cost Website Design Services?

Affordable Website DesignersWhen you’re shopping for an affordable website design service, make sure you can actually visit sites that prospective firms have designed rather than simply looking at pictures in a portfolio. Images are nice, in that they give you a sense of what kind of design aesthetic the company can bring to your firm’s page, but they don’t let you know how a site operates. Some template-designed sites or sites designed without adequate back-end experience on the coder team will end up uploading very slowly, impairing the user experience. Make sure to visit examples of sites that your prospective designers have created and see how they work, as well as how they look.

When shopping for inexpensive web design services, you may also want to try and find companies that integrate other services along with their website design services. For instance, some firms that do design also have hosting and management options, allowing you to completely offload the administration and upkeep of your site to a third party. If you don’t have web expertise or in-house resources to do this, this can help keep your site up and running and updated regularly at all times.

Don’t forget to ignore the mobile component when looking for a web designer. Ask to see examples of their mobile efforts as well as their typical desktop pages before you make your decision. With more and more people visiting websites from their mobile devices, this is becoming an increasingly important, although sometimes still overlooked, component of the overall web development process.


Bargain Website Design Services Companies with Discounted Prices?

A low-priced website design service will often integrate either template design or large teams of designers with dedicated tasks and specialties in order to keep costs as low as possible. It is possible to find high-quality web design at low-cost rates, but always be sure to look at past examples of their firm’s work, ask for references, and do your research before you commit to an affordable developer.

Blue Fountain Media logoBlue Fountain Media: Blue Fountain Media offers different tiers of web design services so that you can choose the right option based on the complexity of the site that you want to be built. For instance, you can select a simple web design if that is all you require, or you can opt for the e-commerce option if you plan on having an online storefront.

Coco Design: Coco is a web design services firm that provides highly professional web designs without relying on templates, creating custom and attractive designs for each of its customers. All of their sites are created so that the customer or the design firm can easily update the site as needed.


In addition to the affordable web design surfaces these companies provide, most companies in this industry also provide digital marketing services. This can include advertising strategies or campaign management, search engine optimization, content development, and more. These strategies help ensure that once you get your beautiful new website up and running that you can enjoy a steady flow of traffic to your new online property.