Are COVID Cleaning Services Necessary for Businesses?

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed almost everything about how business is done around the world. It fundamentally changes where and how people work, and it caused a shift in what customers want from companies.

Because of all these changes, COVID cleaning services can have massive impacts on your business. It can help boost your brand while protecting your community. By purchasing cleaning services, you can even help make sure you stay in business if COVID-19 cases rise again.

Keep reading below to learn more about why COVID cleaning services are so important right now!

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COVID Cleaning Services Helps Businesses

Companies should invest in cleaning services for many reasons. Many of them don’t even involve COVID-19; it’s just good practice to keep your business clean. But during the pandemic, investing in a clean environment can keep your employees and customers safe.

And when people are safe, you can avoid having to close to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Preventing the coronavirus from spreading means local leaders may not need to take such stringent measures as curfews and social distancing requirements. It keeps your company in business.

It also inspires members of your community, showing them that you care. People want to shop with people who have their best interests in mind. So just by investing in cleaning services, you can take a larger role in your community:

COVID Precautions for Business Create Customer Confidence

Customers want several things when looking for a business to shop with. Their needs usually boil down to some common points, listed below:

  • Functionality
  • Reliability
  • Performance
  • Convenience
  • Experience

Investing in cleaning services helps meet all these points. It shows that your company is more functional than all the rest; cleanliness shows that you take pride in yourself. And when companies take pride in themselves and their work, they are also reliable when customers need them.

A clean environment also helps improve the customer’s experience, since they can shop without worrying about their health. It also makes shopping more convenient. And most of all, a clean environment helps workers be more productive, improving your business’s performance.

Soap Can Help Avoid Labor Shortages

Businesses across the world are experiencing something they never thought was possible — a labor shortage. The shortage is the result of several factors, and one of the biggest factors is the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of the pandemic, there are fewer workers available to fill roles.

As a result of fewer workers available to be hired, existing employees are starting to demand more from their companies. The best way to make sure these demands don’t spiral out of control is to predict what they want. And at the top of the list of many employee demands is a clean and safe work environment.

By investing in office cleaners, you can show employees you care and help keep them on your payroll. That way, you can keep serving customers and making revenue, while your competition starts struggling with labor shortages. Cleaning up can help you beat your competition and make money during such a tough time.

Cleaning Services Are Easy and Cheap

The best part of investing in cleaning services is that they are relatively cheap. Most charge between $30 and $50 per hour, depending on several factors like the location and size of the business they’re cleaning. Most of the time, the cost boils down to around a dime per square foot of your building.

When you consider how many benefits you get from this simple service, you realize how cheap it is. Most of the time, finding services that help you stay in business can cost thousands of dollars. But just by keeping a clean office, you can avoid some issues that can cause you to lose revenue.

In the end, you save money and avoid having to spend money down the line. It’s a strategic move and a good investment all at once.

Technology Can Help Keep Businesses Clean

One of the biggest advancements that came as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic is new cleaning technologies. Because of the pandemic, systems that clean the air in a building are more available and affordable than ever before. These kinds of technologies go beyond simple cleaning services.

They filter out the air from your HVAC system, making sure viruses and bacteria don’t get through. It protects people from inhaling dangerous, infectious substances. It also makes people more comfortable spending time in your building.

You can choose simple filters that are installed much like any other kind of filter. Or, you can invest in technology that essentially zaps viruses out of the air using bi-polar ionization. The latter kind takes longer to install, but guarantee you won’t need to worry about COVID-19 or any variants spreading in your company:

Janitorial Services Can Only Clean So Much

Janitorial services can be a great investment to make your company look sparkling clean and cut down on dust. It gives people the impression that you are investing in the company’s cleanliness. And for the most part, these kinds of services do help cut down on the spread of infections.

However, they can only clean so much in a building. There are always nooks and crannies that people simply can’t get to with a spray bottle and a towel. An to get to these corners, you need to invest in advanced technology.

Boost Your Brand During the Pandemic

The payoff for purchasing cleaning services can also be seen in your brand. If you take steps to protect customers and workers from COVID-19, you show your company cares. It’s a value that customers want to see in businesses.

People shop more with businesses that show they have everyone’s interests in mind, not just their own profits. When they see the business’s brand, they see compassion and want to support its future. Regularly cleaning your building can positively reflect on your brand, helping it spread.

Do You Need COVID-19 Cleaning Services? Yes

COVID cleaning services are not much of an option anymore. Some OSHA requirements say that businesses need to clean up to protect workers from the coronavirus. Plus, people are associating negative values with businesses that try to ignore COVID-19.

And now, as more variants are reported across the world, businesses need to take their community’s interests first. They need to protect people so that they can profit later. And to do that, they need to invest in cleaning services.

There are other ways to protect your business and make money during the pandemic, too. To learn more about how to navigate business right now, and to find great deals, just reach out to us here!

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