Cheap Call Center Software – How Affordable is it?

Pricing for call center software is mainly dependent on what type of system you opt to implement in your call center. The more expensive of the two options is what is known as an on-site or on-premise system. This means that all the hardware is purchased by your company, and the software you use is hosted locally on your own equipment. For this type of setup, you can expect to pay anywhere between $105 and $505 per caller you need to be equipped. The advantage of this type of setup is that you retain total control of the software and hardware after you purchase it.


The more typical model that is seen in modern call centers is what is known as a hosted solution. In this case, the software you use is hosted on your provider’s servers, and all your agents have to do is log in and connect to the software with a basic workstation. This greatly reduces the load on your internal IT department, and on your budget, with inexpensive solutions often costing as little as $76 per agent ( or less) on your team. There are higher-end hosted software options that may cost as much as $225 per user, but this is still cheap compared to the on-site options that you may encounter. It is also worth noting that for either solution, volume discounts are sometimes available if you’re outfitting more agents, and therefore buying more licenses, for the software.

Overall costs will also typically include a setup or installation fee if you’re using a new product for the first time. This is typically in the range of several hundred dollars, although the exact amount will largely be determined by how large of a call center you are equipping with the software.

What is Call Center Software?

Call center software is the primary interface that is used by a caller to perform their job in a call center environment. This software often fulfills several functions. The exact nature of those functions depends largely on whether or not the caller is working in an inbound or outbound call center.

Inbound Call Center Software

In the case of inbound call center software, the program is usually designed to pull up an existing file if the caller is known to the company. This allows the agent to have important information about the customer at their fingertips, along with giving them tools to verify the customer's identity for security reasons. It will also have the capability to set up a new file or record for a new customer. Finally, it allows the caller to track the reason for the call, and any resolution or follow-up that may be needed.

Outbound Call Center Software

Outbound call center software usually feeds the numbers to the callers so that they can place their outbound calls. Alternatively, it may sync with an auto-dialing program so that the callers are automatically placed on to a new call as soon as they signal that they are ready. Then, the software allows the callers to track the results of the call, including scheduling any necessary follow-ups into the software so that another agent will be signaled to call the person at the appropriate time.

What to Look for In Low-Cost Call Center Software?

What To Look for in Call Center SoftwareFirst and foremost, great support should be something you look for in any call center software that you are considering using. If and when your software goes down, you will be losing profits by the minute, and a great support team can make all the difference in the world when it comes to getting you back up and running as quickly as possible.

Another feature that is worth looking at is the ability to customize the software. Depending on the degree of customization you want, a locally hosted solution may be more appropriate, as the total control granted to you in that setup allows for more flexibility. However, don’t write off the bargain-hosted solutions in this regard, as many do offer increasing customization options.

Software For Call CentersThe reporting features that your software offers will help determine how much you can benefit from the software in the long run. This allows your supervisors and coaches to get real-time data on how their agents are performing, and for you to demonstrate to your clients or managers how your entire team is performing over the long haul. These metrics provide you with the critical data you need to make actionable decisions for your call center operations and are not an area to cut back on when shopping for a low-cost call center software solution.

Finally, the interface of the software and how easy it is to use should always be considered. Many of the people who end up manning the phones in a call center are entry-level employees, and making the software as user-friendly as possible can help ensure that overly complicated programs aren’t getting in the way of productivity.

Bargain Call Center Software Companies with Discounted Prices

The following low-priced call center software options are just two potential solutions. While there are many more out there, these providers offer services that should meet the needs of a wide range of call centers at an affordable price point.

FreshDesk LogoFreshdesk: Freshdesk is a hosted solution focused on allowing call centers to provide excellent customer support to callers. It is designed to function as a complete help desk that incorporates call center features so that companies using the software can offer multi-channel support to their clients. The basic plan is even free, and you only end up paying for the amount of time that you actually utilize the service. It is an ideal solution for very small businesses just looking to integrate call center capabilities into their model.

Five9 LogoFive9: Five9 is a cloud-based solution that gives call center agents the tools they need to provide better service to their clients and their callers. It integrates smoothly with CRM software such as Salesforce and has both inbound and outbound software options.

Choosing the right call center software requires testing more than anything. Before selecting any given program just because it seems like a bargain, ask to implement a demo in your call center to see how it operates in a live environment. This should allow you to evaluate whether or not a given product is right for you.

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