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Direct mail service might seem like a slightly out-of-date method of marketing, but this traditional marketing strategy is still very effective for many types of businesses and often overlooked by those accustomed to using more contemporary marketing strategies. Usually, direct mail pricing is broken down by a cost-per-unit that you mail out to potential customers.

The average cost of cheap direct mail marketing will cost somewhere between $0.22 and $3.02 per individual piece of mail that you send. There can also be a number of additional options that may cause the per-unit price to increase.

First, the size and weight of your direct mailing piece will be the greatest factors in establishing the price that you pay. Larger and heavier items will be printed on costlier paper stock, and require more of it for each item that is printed. This in turn means that more ink will be required to print each item, also increasing the cost.

  • Postcards
  • Brochures
  • Rewards Cards
  • Newsletters
  • Specialty Products

Shipping makes up a significant portion of the cost of any direct mailing. This is why increased size can cause such a sharp increase in the cost of each individual item. Shipping gets more expensive for over-sized and overweight items, and the increase is often quite steep.

The size of your shipment will also affect how economical your price-per-unit ends up being. Most companies that offer direct mailing services have a sliding pricing scale that changes based on the total size of your order. The larger the order, the lower the price you can typically find on a per-unit basis.


What is Direct Mail Service?

Direct Mail ServiceDirect mail service is one of the most inexpensive and time-tested methods of marketing products or services to a mass audience. The beauty of direct mail service is that at a bargain price, you can get your marketing collateral directly into the hands of your target audience. This can take the form of a letter, a pamphlet, a postcard, or any other piece of mail that you think will most effectively market your business.

A direct mail service usually takes care of almost every element of sending out a marketing message through traditional posts. First, they can print your materials for you, removing the hassle of having to print your materials and then taking them to a separate location for labeling or shipping. Then, they will address the materials and ship them according to your instructions.

Many direct mail companies have lists of addresses that they break down according to demographic criteria, so you can have your message sent to a sample that matches your target market. Ideally, this will increase the rate of return you see from your direct mailing campaign.

Most direct mailing companies also have on-staff designers and writers. For an additional fee, these creative professionals can be recruited to help craft more effective direct mail marketing material. Their experience in the specific format can be invaluable, and can help improve the return you see on your campaign.


What to Look for in Low-Cost Direct Mail Service?

When looking for direct mail service, you definitely want to focus on companies that offer you discounted rates when you make larger purchases. This allows you to scale up your mailings over time if they are successful, while also reducing the per-unit pricing that you pay.

Direct Mail CompaniesExperience counts for a great deal in the direct mail service. In many ways, direct mail is the oldest form of marketing that is still in use today. With all the different ways that people get bombarded with marketing messages in today’s world, it takes a very effective piece of direct mail to get their attention and to convince them to take action. Experience in the industry can make the difference here, with firms who have a proven track record knowing the ins and outs of effective direct mail. Remember: if they weren’t able to be effective, they wouldn’t have stayed in business for a long time

The quality of the end product is also important. Prospects tend to respond better to marketing material that is polished and professionally put together. If you mail out something that looks sloppy, which contains errors, or which looks amateurish in any way, it will likely hurt your return. This can also affect the reputation of your company negatively, something to be avoided no matter how affordable the service may be.

Finally, customer service should always play into your decision when shopping for a low-priced direct mail service. Find out if you will get a dedicated account representative to work with your company. Ask questions about the support procedures and availability. Overall, the more comprehensive and available the support team is, the better they will be able to respond to your needs as they arrive.


Bargain Direct Mail Services with Discounted Prices

Before doing business with any discounted direct mail service, it is always a good idea to examine the product beforehand. See if a company will offer you samples of their work before you sign a contract, to guarantee the quality of the product that you will be paying for. There are many quality services, including ValPak,  InfoUSA, and Americomm. Here are a couple more top companies with great pricing.

Modern Postcard LogoModern Postcard: Modern Postcard is an affordable industry leader that offers free samples. They can handle all types of direct mailing material, ranging from small postcards to calendars and catalogs. Their products are well reviewed and they offer an introductory offer of 20% off orders for new customers checking out prices for the first time.

Cactus Mail Company LogoCactus Mailing: Cactus Mailing specializes in postcards and brochures. Pricing is dependent on the mailing list that you choose to send your products out to. As an example of their affordable rates, 1000 postcards costs $400, plus $0.20 per unit in postage to get your postcards to your prospects. This is the rate for mailing to a general list of residents and businesses within a single geographic area. Lower prices are available when targeting only businesses or consumers, and even greater bargain rates can be had if you have your own mailing list to provide.

Another thing to keep in mind is that many direct mailing services offer regular promotions and specials. Taking advantage of these rotating deals can be a way to both get the most low-cost service available, while also injecting some variety into the type of marketing material you’re sending your potential customers.

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