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Email marketing can for many businesses be the most profitable means through which they promote their products or services. The return on investment (ROI) of email marketing often makes the price more economical compared to other types of marketing. The actual costs of email marketing services cover a large range, mostly based on how many emails you send and how many addresses you are sending them to. If a company is working with a very small list of subscribers, the cost of email marketing can be as affordable as $12 per month. Management of larger lists might cost as much as $560 or more, but services this expensive often accommodate 100,000 or more subscribers. A quality email service includes:

  • Email Templates
  • SPAM Protection
  • Upload from Excel, Gmail, Outlook
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Social Media Integration

In addition to the base pricing for an email marketing system, there might also be a low-priced setup or initiation fee in order to get a new account established. This is usually charged right when signing up for an account and gets you started with building your list. There are options out there that don’t charge this fee, but if you’re looking to do business with a specific company that does assess a setup fee, expect to pay anywhere between $25 and $500. This is obviously a large disparity but is typically a product of the size of the firm, and the number of value-added services offered when establishing your account.

Hiring an email marketing service that also incorporates design or writing services will cause your costs to increase. Usually, these types of services are assessed on a per-hour basis, with a low-priced option costing around $50 per hour and higher-end services landing closer to $150 per hour.

What is an Email Marketing Service?

Email Marketing Service CompanyAn email marketing service allows you to manage email marketing campaigns that you send to a list of subscribers in order to make sales, recruit further leads, up-sell products, or achieve any other business goal that you might have set for yourself. They include a number of features designed to allow you to craft the most effective campaigns possible. These can include features that allow you to better manage the actual act of creating and sending your email marketing messages, and others that allow you to track your results and gather data in order to improve the efficacy of future marketing efforts.

The most common type of email marketing service, and often the most economical, is the application service provider (ASP). Think of these types of services as providing an app that you can use to manage all of your email marketing needs. The other option is a software provider model that requires you to install, manage, and host software on your own system that allows you to manage your email marketing. While this might be a required solution for some companies due to internal policies or security concerns, in today’s online-centered world, most people are going to opt for an ASP-based solution.

ASP solutions are also especially appealing to people just starting out in the world of email marketing. These services tend to be much easier to use, and require much less knowledge to start using them effectively.

What to Look for in Low-Cost Email Marketing Service?

Email Marketing SolutionsThere are several things that can differentiate the best email marketing services from those firms which may not be able to offer top-tier services. Factors to consider include:

  • Experience working with multiple ISPs
  • Best practices for adhering to all CAN-SPAM regulations
  • Cost
  • Interface
  • Support features

The first two points are related – strict CAN-SPAM adherence and understanding how different ISPs may assess and filter spam is an important part of ensuring that your mail gets delivered. A low-priced email marketing company may seem attractive based on price alone, but if your emails aren’t getting through to your list, then the savings aren’t gaining you anything.

When it comes to cost, shopping around will help you find the most affordable options currently on the market, but remember that most pricing models are on a sliding scale. The number of subscribers on your list will affect how much a given provider is going to charge you. So, when looking for a new email marketing service, be sure to take into account the size of your current list when comparing pricing so that you can find the most economical pricing for your current situation.

In regards to the interface offered by the email marketing service, take advantage of free trials whenever possible. The leading companies in this sector allow you to create a trial account in order to test the service and see how easy (or difficult) it is for you to work with. If a company offers discounted rates but doesn’t offer a free trial, consider contacting them directly to see if you can arrange a demo of some kind before you subscribe to a service.

Bargain Email Marketing Service Companies with Discounted Prices?

Either of these options is a worthwhile place to start looking while on the hunt for a low-cost email marketing service. As with most marketing and software services, the decision will ultimately come down to the best fit with your company, which is why free trials can and should play an important part in making your decision.

Constant Contact LogoConstant Contact: Constant Contact has been an industry leader in email marketing for many years now. The company boasts a 97% rate of messages getting through to inboxes and also provides an extended, 60-day trial. Prices start as low as $20 per month for a basic plan and an email list of under 500 subscribers.

Mail Chimp LogoMailChimp: MailChimp provides another cheap option. Packages for very small businesses start at $10 per month, while professional packages for larger corporations can run up to $199 per month. MailChimp has a free version of their software that is available for as long as you want to use it, however, the free version comes with a stripped-down feature set and a cap of 2,000 subscribers. Among other things, upgrading to the paid version unlocks support options, which can be critical in managing issues that may crop up in your campaigns.

There are many other bargain email marketing services on the market that might meet your needs. The upsides of these options include their relatively inexpensive pricing along with their high profile and reputations in the marketplace. However, by keeping in mind the guidelines provided above, you should be able to easily discern which email marketing service provides the right fit for your company.

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