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Dump trucks are available for as little as $20,500 if you only need a used medium-duty vehicle capable of hauling small loads. This price would represent the absolute low end of the spectrum, however, and prices are going to increase based on the size of the load you need to haul and how rugged of a vehicle you require. At the higher end, there are dump trucks that can easily cost $160,300 when equipped to handle heavy loads and to stand up to hard use over the long term.

The size and the amount of weight a truck can carry are the single largest factors influencing the cost of the vehicle. The condition of the truck is also a very significant factor. The prices quoted above represent averages when shopping for a new vehicle. If you’re in the market for a used dump truck, you could probably find a bargain-priced heavy-duty option for around $100,300. If you’re shopping for a medium-duty option that is equipped for smaller loads, you may pay as little as $20,070.


When shopping for a cheap used dump truck, the condition of the vehicle will be the largest determining factor in pricing. Also, if there is any remaining warranty on the truck, the value will definitely increase relative to similar vehicles on the market. Those with higher mileage and more wear and tear will be more affordable, but what you save now you may spend in the near future if the unit ends up needing expensive repairs after only a short period of ownership.

What is a Dump Truck?

Dump TruckA dump truck is a vehicle meant to transport loads of material from one location to another, often used in construction, logging, mining, or similar industries. There are two primary classes of dump trucks, and they are divided based on whether or not they are designed (and legal) to be driven on public roads or optimized for off-road use instead. For instance, there are certain classes of large industrial trucks that are designed to be used off-road on mining or logging sites, and then those which are designed to be able to be driven on public roads which are used more often in construction projects.

Dump trucks come in a wide range of sizes. Those used in medium-duty applications normally sport bodies that range up to 12’, while heavy-duty can be as large as 18’. Larger trucks will have additional axles to support the weight of the greater loads that they are designed to carry, but this also represents an additional potential point of failure that needs to be considered when evaluating your repair costs.

Dump trucks also have different size boxes on them which are used for different types of applications. Those designed for use in the city typically have lower boxes to make sure they can fit under obstacles while driving on the road. You can also get rounded boxes to help dump loose materials more easily, as this type of debris will slide out of a rounded box as opposed to getting stuck in the corners of a square one.

What to Look for in Low-Cost Dump Trucks?

What To Look for in Dump TrucksWhen you’re shopping for affordable dump trucks, don’t get so fixated on the price that you buy a truck that isn’t right for your needs. Ultimately, finding a truck that is right for the job you have planned for it should be the most important factor in your search, followed closely by then finding the most economical option in that category.

When you’re looking for a dump truck, it is important to look for a seller who knows their inventory and who can help you find the product that is a great fit for your projects. It is also important to find a dealer that has a strong service department, as it is likely that this is going to be who you end up dealing with if you need parts, repairs or maintenance for your truck. Don’t be afraid to have a discussion with someone in the service department before committing to a given truck or dealer.

Used Dump TruckLook for a truck with a documented service record if you’re buying something used. You want to know what type of damage has happened to the truck and what repairs were completed, or in the case of trucks that haven’t been damaged, that all the regularly scheduled maintenance has been completed on time.

For new trucks, look for a dump truck that also comes with a good warranty. The best manufacturers are willing to stand behind their products and will guarantee them under certain use conditions, which can protect you from any problems that might arise as a result of a manufacturer’s mechanical defect.

Bargain Dump Truck Companies with Discounted Prices

When you’re shopping for a dump truck, you’re often going to be restricted to local resellers because you are going to want to inspect or test-drive the vehicle in most cases before making a purchase. However, there are some larger companies that are good considerations either because they have local branches in many major jurisdictions, or because they can service larger companies who may be looking to buy several trucks at once. Here are just two suggestions for getting started during your search for inexpensive dump trucks

International Dump Truck LogoInternational: When it comes to purchasing a new truck, International is one of the most respected names in the field. Local dealers can work with you to custom order a dump truck to meet your needs exactly. If outfitting an entire fleet, this is an excellent opportunity to negotiate a discount compared to what you might pay for each truck individually. LogoCommercial Truck Trader: If you’re interested in used dump trucks, this is one of the largest and most trusted marketplaces on the web. Like buying any used heavy equipment, you need to be careful to conduct your due diligence, but if you are looking for a bargain on a used dump truck, this is certainly the place to start.

These just scratch the surface of places to look for low-priced dump trucks. In many cases, your best options for both new and used equipment will be your local heavy equipment dealership that works with multiple brands. They will have the flexibility to find you a model that matches ideally with your needs.

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