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If you’re looking for cheap box trucks, you stand a good chance of finding a practical option for your company that costs somewhere between $25,300 (used) to $35,150 for a new vehicle rated for light-duty work. However, if you’re looking for something equipped for hauling much heavier loads, you can potentially see your budget ballooning to $90,200 or more. We'll help you compare your options and get the best price on box trucks.

The first factor that determines how much you’re going to spend on a box truck is the typical weight of the load you need to carry. Needing to haul heavier loads will usually involve having a larger carrying area as well as heavier suspension and a more powerful powertrain for moving the larger loads. This turns into increased costs. Also, for specialized clients that require trucks to have additional features such as high-security storage areas or refrigeration, the price of the truck will increase further.


The most practical way to find a more affordable box truck is to move to a used vehicle instead of a new one. Now, there are some obvious concerns that go along with purchasing a used truck, such as ensuring that it is in adequate condition and that you still have either a warranty or a service plan to keep the truck up and running while using it for your business.

When it comes to used trucks, the older the vehicle is and the more miles it has on it will likely correlate with more inexpensive pricing. There is a trade-off with these discounts, however, as these trucks may be either less reliable, or need replacing sooner, leading to another expenditure for your company.

What is a Box Truck?

Light Duty Box TruckA box truck is a truck with an enclosed box for carrying cargo mounted on the back of the vehicle. Often, these vehicles are also called cube trucks or cube vans as well, with the primary distinguishing feature being the two-part structure of the vehicle. The other type of vehicle often used in product delivery is the cargo van, which is simply a single van with large empty cargo space in the rear. Box trucks, on the other hand, have the cab and engine compartment built as a completely distinct piece from the cargo box which is then mounted on the rear.

Box trucks fall somewhere in between a regular pickup truck and a large semi in regards to their cargo-hauling capability. Like the pickup, the cargo area is a permanent fixture of the vehicle, and as the semi, they are capable of hauling larger, more secure, and potentially temperature-controlled loads, albeit at smaller volumes.

Box trucks provide an affordable way for many companies to keep delivery and transport operations in-house, without having to hire a transportation or shipping company to handle deliveries. This, coupled with their relatively low-priced entry point, makes them a good fit for medium-sized businesses doing the majority of their business within a drivable area from their headquarters. Trucks are available in both 2WD and 4WD models, with 4WD options being a good choice for people who are using the vehicles to deliver to rural or remote locations. For instance, a box truck used as a service vehicle for an agricultural dealership should likely be purchased with 4WD. However, 2WD versions of most box trucks will be more economical.

What to Look for in Low-Cost Box Trucks?

What To Look for in Box TrucksWhen you’re shopping for an affordable box truck, the first thing to keep in mind is to only buy as much truck as you need based on the type of loads that you need to transport. For example, most people are going to need a medium-duty truck. However, if you’re only moving light loads over your local area, and need the box more for refrigeration purposes, you may be able to find a refrigerated light-duty box truck at a discount compared to the standard medium and heavy duty options on the market.

It is true that you can often find an affordable used option compared to the newer models available. However, it becomes even more important to be a discerning shopper when looking at used vehicles. First, always make sure that complete usage and service records are available from the seller before you consider purchasing used box trucks. It is also highly recommended that you have the unit inspected by an independent mechanic before making a purchase if used box trucks are on your radar.

Finally, consider how these trucks will actually be employed in the day-to-day situations at the company that you are purchasing them for. For instance, some trucks are available equipped with lift-gates, something that is important if you’re delivering heavy loads that you want to move with a pallet jack or dolly to the rear of the vehicle and then lower the load easily to the street level. On the other hand, if you’re only transporting light loads that are easy to manipulate by hand, or are delivering to facilities equipped with loading docks, a lift gate could be a needless expense that you could avoid.

Bargain Box Truck Companies With Discounted Prices

Find The Lowest Cost For Box TrucksIf you’re looking for the best low-priced box trucks available, you’ll need to be willing to shop around. Like anytime you deal in used vehicles, the pricing on almost identical models can differ, so taking your time to shop around can help you find a truck that will meet your needs but still offer a low-cost option. Consider these two options as a good place to start when searching for bargain box trucks.

UHAUL LogoUhaul: As one of the largest users of box trucks in the nation, UHaul often sells off used members of its fleet. This can provide some great deals for people willing to work with a used box truck. As an example, 10’ Trucks are available starting in the $7,000s.

Penske LogoPenske: Penske is a trusted name in the box-truck industry. They have options available in both light duty box trucks and medium duty box trucks. They deal in diesel and gasoline models, so shoppers should be able to find something that fits perfectly within their existing fleet.

When shopping for affordable box trucks, always try to take the vehicle for a test drive before committing to the price. This is ultimately the best test of a vehicle, used or new, and is always recommended.

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