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One of the major factors affecting how cheap security alarm systems are, is whether or not you need to install a system for a commercial enterprise, or one in a residential property. Usually, security alarm systems are paid for via a low-cost monthly fee. These fees often land somewhere between $24 and $51, but there are many variables that affect the end cost.

On top of the monthly monitoring cost, there is also the cost of equipment to consider. If you’re protecting a small, single office type of business, this will often land somewhere in the $200 to $700 range, which would cover door and window sensors and one or two motion sensors. On the other hand, larger businesses and buildings can easily spend tens of thousands of dollars on more advanced security equipment including high-resolution closed-circuit security cameras that provide round-the-clock video surveillance. Known security alarms companies are:

  • SimpliSafe
  • ADT
  • Vector Security
  • Guardian Protection Services
  • Honeywell

Next, there are warranty fees to consider. Beyond a certain minimum coverage, most security alarm systems require a monthly fee to extend the basic warranty coverage on the equipment. However, given the high price of the equipment involved, most experts would always recommend taking the economical additional coverage, which can add $5 to $10 per component per month.

The other thing to consider is installation. In many cases when you sign up for a minimum term contract, the installation will be included in the cost of your purchase. However, there may be some instances such as when wiring up a very large building or installing a security system that is monitored internally, where you also need to pay for installation.

What is a Security Alarm System?

Commercial Security AlarmsSecurity alarm systems are designed to protect the safety and security of a business, especially in the hours where the building is closed or not monitored by on-site staff. Security alarm systems can be comprised of many different components including, but not limited to:

  • Sensors that note when doors are opened
  • Sensors that note when windows are opened
  • Temperature sensors
  • Water/flood sensors
  • Smoke detectors/fire alarms
  • Motion detectors
  • Keypads for room access
  • Video door locks
  • Surveillance cameras

A current important distinction in security systems is between the wired and wireless systems. Wired systems have all of the various components hardwired together, ensuring that they can communicate at all times. Wireless systems have the advantage of not needing a wired connection, meaning that installation can be much quicker, without the need for running cable all through the walls of the building. However, in buildings with certain types of construction, it can sometimes be difficult to get wireless equipment to communicate perfectly at all times, which is undesirable when looking for a reliable security system. Deciding between the two types of systems is often best done in consultation with a security system provider.

Most affordable security alarm systems are also monitored by the provider. That means that they will have your system connected to their central monitoring site. If an alarm is flagged, such as a door being opened without the proper security authorization being presented, they will then be able to dispatch security or emergency services to your site as appropriate.


What to Look for in Low-Cost Commercial Security Alarm Systems?

Security AlarmFirst, you should look for an affordable security provider who can provide you with services tailored to your business model. For example, a car dealership is going to have much different security needs than a medical office. The best security firms should understand the differences and be able to make specialized recommendations based on your business model.

Even in low-priced security solutions, you should have the option to have monitoring data sent to an application on your smartphone. This allows you to check everything from basic alerts to video updates. Then, you can decide whether or not emergency services need to be dispatched, or if an employee simply forgot to properly enter their security code.

Next, when comparing inexpensive security alarm systems, you should always consider the customer support and service model that the provider employs. If you have a component on your system fail, such as a door sensor, you want that replaced as quickly as possible in order to ensure the ongoing security of your facility. Ask potential providers how quickly they can respond and whether or not they have 24/7 service professionals available.

If you’re in a larger organization, you should also look into the training options available when comparing security providers. Some discounted security alarm systems may offer training for your staff regarding how to properly use the system. This can include things like:

  • How to arm the alarm system
  • How to disarm the system
  • How to use the accompanying smartphone application
  • How to deal with equipment failure
  • How to deal with false alarms

Bargain Security Alarm Systems Companies with Discounted Prices?

Protect America LogoProtect America:  If finding a bargain is high on your list of security priorities, Protect America should be high on your list of potential providers. They offer equipment included in the pricing of some service contracts without the need to purchase the equipment outright and include all of the features that a small business especially would require from a security alarm system, including video monitoring and smartphone integration.

ADT Logo ADT: ADT is probably the most recognizable name in security alarm systems. With that reputation comes experience, which means that ADT corporate consultants have all the knowledge required to ensure that your business is protected to the highest possible degree. They can integrate fire monitoring along with your alarm system, and have a free quoting system available to provide you with an estimate on the cost of your new system before you commit to any purchase.


Finally, it is important to recognize that commercial security alarm systems are part of an industry where service contracts are almost always required. Very few providers will allow you to operate on a month-to-month basis, with a few exceptions when you own all of your hardware outright. In most cases, security companies will require you to commit to a contract for anywhere from one to three years. This is an industry-standard however, and shouldn’t turn you off, but does emphasize the importance of doing your research on a given company before you select them to meet your security needs.

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