Cheap Fire Alarm Systems – How Affordable is The Price in 2021?

A fire alarm system forms the backbone of the measures any business puts in place to keep its staff, clients, and visitors safe. This is one area where it is okay to look for low-cost options, but definitely not acceptable to cut any corners. There is a huge variability involved in predicting how much a fire alarm system will cost, mostly because nearly every factor which goes into the construction of a given building can ultimately affect what it will cost to protect that building from fire. Square footage is a good place to start when assessing how much a building-wide fire alarm system can cost. The most affordable options start at around $1 per square foot. At the high end of the spectrum, in a system that involves high-tech monitoring equipment and sprinklers in a commercial building, the cost can be as high as $35 per square foot, or more.

Poplar fire alarm companies are:

  • ADT
  • Siemens
  • Kidde
  • Bosch Security
  • Cintas

Other than the square footage involved, the type of equipment you want to be incorporated into a fire alarm system will be the largest determining factor in the ultimate price. The more advanced the monitoring equipment you want to install in your building, the higher the cost will be.

The installation of sprinklers will drive up the cost more than any other factor when installing a fire alarm. This not only creates a greater increase in the cost of the equipment that you need, but will also greatly increase the labor costs involved in the installation of the system.


What isa Fire Alarm System?

Fire Alarm SystemFire alarm systems are the first line of defense between your company and damage from smoke or fire. The requirements for a fire alarm system are largely determined by local building codes, but there are many reasons why a company may decide to surpass those requirements. These might include meeting insurance requirements, obtaining discounts on insurance, or protecting highly valuable property.

The eyes and ears of a fire alarm system are the units installed in various rooms around your facility which are designed to sense heat and smoke. These units are also typically coupled with emergency lights and sirens that will alert people when there is a fire alarm. They may also interact directly with your sprinklers if you have sprinklers installed.

All of the components in a fire alarm system intersect at the fire alarm control panel. This is the core of any fire alarm system and is the main point of communication between all of the different elements. For instance, when a given detector notices smoke or fire in a given area, information about the alert will be relayed to the control panel, which may also store information about the alerts that have been issued.

Sprinklers are a legal requirement in almost all commercial facilities, and in most cases the infrastructure for sprinklers will already be in place. Most sprinklers can be easily hooked up to a new and advanced fire alarm system, but if you’re constructing a new building or retrofitting one which has not been updated since local regulations changed, you will likely need to face the cost of sprinkler installation as well.


What to Look for in Low Cost Fire Alarm Systems?

Although you never want to cut corners on fire alarm systems, that doesn’t mean that you can’t search for the most affordable options on the market that still adequately meet all your needs. The monitoring technology involved in a fire alarm system should certainly be one of the things that you evaluate when making this purchase.

Commercial Fire AlarmTraditionally, monitoring stations had to rely on telephone lines in order to connect various components of the system to the monitoring station. You can now, however, find economical units that rely on the Internet to relay these signals instead.

Certification is a must when purchasing a fire alarm system. Never cut corners in pursuit of a bargain if it means doing business with an un-certified company. To meet all legal requirements, you should only do business with companies that are certified by the National Institute for Certification of Engineering Technologies.

In order to find a low-priced option, you should have more than one installer take a look at your property and provide you with a quote. The best providers should be able to work with you in a collaborative fashion in order to find a compromise between the most affordable rates and all of the technological features you require from your fire alarm system.

Finally, always have a discussion with any potential providers about their customer service options. Find out how repairs are handled, when and how you can reach their customer service professionals, and whether or not they handle the monitoring internally or if it is farmed out to a third-party.


Bargain Fire Alarm Systems Companies with Discounted Prices?

Looking for discounted fire alarm systems can be difficult because you never want to leave your company in a potential position of liability in the pursuit of saving a few dollars. However, these companies are reputable providers known for offering cheap solutions without unnecessary bells and whistles.

American Alarm LogoAmerican Alarm: American Alarm offers both residential and commercial fire alarm systems. They offer 24/7 service and are involved in a wide variety of other types of alarm systems in addition to traditional fire protection. They have highly trained consultants who will create a plan in collaboration with your team to find a fire alarm system that is ideal for your building.

United Technologies LogoUnited Technologies: United Technologies has a number of highly specific fire protection solutions designed to cater to individual industries. The fire protection demands of the restaurant industry, for example, can differ greatly from that of a hotel. United Technologies has inexpensive packages designed to meet the needs of large-scale corporate clients.

When you start shopping for a new fire alarm for your company, always rely on the opinion and advice of the experts in the field. This is the only way to find a low-cost system that will also provide you with all the legal and physical protection that you need in order to operate a safe facility.

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