What Is the Best POS System for Small Businesses?

If you have a small business, you need to have the best POS system available. These are the top systems you should consider for your small business.

We found the best POS system for your small business.


Chances are, you already know how vital a POS system is to your small business. A great POS system allows you to track inventory, sales, payroll, accounting, and employee performance with ease. But, the best POS system for your business depends on your specific needs and budget.

Do you know where to begin in your search? Let us help. We have reviewed dozens of POS systems for small businesses. Check out our POS guide below.

Here are the top systems you need to consider for your small business.

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Important POS System Features

A great POS system comes down to its best features. This POS guide will let you choose a system that will help save you time and money.

If you do not know where to start, let us tell you exactly what you need! Here are some important features, besides cost, of any great POS system.


A customizable plan allows the POS system to adjust to your exact business needs and industry. Pay for the features you need and not the ones you do not.

A customizable system allows you to add and change features as your business grows.

Best POS Systems

Payment Support

In today’s economy, there are endless ways to pay. You need a system that supports any payment, anywhere. Payment options should be on location or mobile. A great system, in 2021, is one that accepts credit swipes, chip cards, tapped cards, and mobile payments.

What else? Think customer rewards. A great payment option is the ability of your POS system to accept gift cards or coupons.


Of course, it has to be cloud-based, right? Exactly.

In a cloud-based system, your small business information and data is accessible to you anywhere. You can trust that your information will be stored securely in the cloud in case of an emergency.

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eCommerce features are important for small businesses looking to expand in the online market.

Choose a POS system with its own eCommerce solution or look for a system that can integrate with eCommerce services.

Business Management

Great POS systems should not only track payments and inventory. These systems should also track and manage other things. Think payroll, employees, and performance.

Another essential feature to look for in a POS system for a small business depends on industry-specific needs! Whether that means 24/7 support or advanced inventory management, well, that depends on your small business.

The Best POS Systems

Great POS systems should make both the customer and owner experience a smooth one. Here are our six top picks for POS systems that have great features for small businesses:


Square Logo

Square is the best overall POS system. Square is mobile and offers flexibility for small business customers, ranging from retail to diners.

Square recently launched business management features and industry-specific options to create a seamless experience. The platform allows integration with other small business software, such as QuickBooks.

The system has three plans that have customizable additions. The first plan starts at $0 while more advanced plans start at $60 per location. Some additional features are charged monthly.

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Lightspeed logo

Lightspeed is the best iPad POS system on the market. Lightspeed can accommodate various businesses, including retail, eCommerce, and restaurants. Features are easily customizable to your small business’ needs.

Lightspeed POS offers numerous features and is a completely mobile system. Like Square, Lightspeed can integrate with various merchant accounts. But unlike Square, it comes with its own payment processor.

Lightspeed retail offers advanced inventory capabilities, purchase orders, and many other great features. Lightspeed restaurant includes table numbers, customizable menus, and tableside ordering. Whatever you need, you can be sure Lightspeed has it.

Five basic plans come with a free payment terminal and plenty of advanced features. The Basic plan starts at just $69 per month.

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ShopKeep Logo

ShopKeep is a great POS system for inventory management. So this platform is popular with food and beverage retailers and small shops.

ShopKeep is known for its simple interface and advanced inventory tracking capabilities. All ShopKeep plans offer unlimited transactions, low stock alerts, real-time sales information, and inventory reports.

The plans start at $49 per month for the Basic plan. ShopKeep offers the platform on iPad or Tablets, but you can purchase a kit with all the equipment you need for your business.

What’s the bonus? ShopKeep is known for its great customer service.

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Vend logo

Vend is the best POS on the market for small businesses in retail. Vend is suitable for all types of retailers. The system is easy to use and compatible with different equipment, credit card companies, and retail programs.

For any plan, vend’s features include inventory management, unlimited products and employees, cash management, and custom receipts and reports. All these features are accessible offline, from a mobile dashboard.

The Lite plan starts at $99 per month while more expensive plans offer more customization. Use your own equipment or purchase a bundle from Vend.

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TouchBistro logo

TouchBistro is a great POS system for restaurants. TouchBistro offers industry-specific tools and hardware on the platform.

Tools and features include touch controls for table management, menu management, inventory cost management, and a cloud portal. TouchBistro is easy-to-use and accessible with Apple products.

Plans start at $69 per month. Easily customize your plan with additional features like reservation systems, online ordering, and gift card programs.

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Shopify Logo

Shopify is the POS system to use for eCommerce businesses. This POS system was built specifically to offer digital features to retailers.

Great perks of Shopify are unlimited products, order and product management, QR codes, integrated payment processing, and advanced reporting.

Shopify is a cloud POS system that can accept multiple forms of payment for a single transaction. The platform does not have any transaction fees above interchange rates.

The Basic Package starts at $29. You can easily customize Shopify to your needs with added features or hardware.

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The Right Choice for Your Business

There are six great POS system options to choose from for your small business. The best POS system for you depends on your business type, business needs, and cost.

We hope this POS guide helped you! If you are interested in learning more about technologies that can help your business, check out our blog!

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