Do Postage Meters Save Businesses Money?

Postage Meters Cut CostCan a postage meter Save your business money? The answer might surprise you! We answer that question and explain everything you need to know to cut your mailing cost as much as possible.

Have you ever been working on a project that you need to mail and the project takes three times as long as you thought it would?  Then once you finish, you find you are out of stamps?  You cannot mail it and the post office is closed?

How can you avoid this from ever happening to you?  Postage meters are the answer to many businesses when every project is an important one.

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Small Business Postage Options

USPS gives small business four ways to send postage mail.

  1. USPS Picture Permit Indicia which allows businesses to put their logos on every picture imprint for First-Class postcards and letters.
  2. USPS Permit Imprints allows businesses to make postage payments for postage stamps in advance.  This works for meters or postage stamps in volume.
  3. USPS Postage Meter Printing which allows for small businesses to print postage directly with meter tape to place on mailings.
  4. USPS Precanceled Stamps which is what is used by small business with bulk mailings.

How Postage Meters Save MoneyDo Postage Meters Really Save Money?

Postage meters really do save you money.  When you use postage meters you save a 1/2 cent per letter.

If you are using a postage meter for your business and mail out 250 customer letters by the time they hit the customer's mailboxes you have saved $12.50.

If your business sends out 250 letters each week, you save $650.00 a year.  That's just for one group of letters you mail per week.

This dollar amount doesn't include packages, certified mail and a host of other types of mail products which businesses send.

Yes, it saves you money.  But it also saves you a lot more.

Weighing Benefits of Postage Meters for Small Business?

One of the first things we hear when someone begins to use a postage meter is how it is so convenient.

There is nothing worse than waiting in a long line at the post office to purchase stamps and see the line waiting almost reaches the door.

No one has time to waste driving to and waiting at a post office.  Especially someone who is working on trying to develop and grow their small business.

Every minute counts.  In addition, a postage meter provides the following benefits for a small business;

  • Reduces errors in calculating how much postage you need to send a letter or package.
  • Certified mail is a breeze to do on a postage meter and you save $1.40 using electronic return receipt on your machine.
  • You save 13.9% commercial base pricing (CBP) from retail rates.
  • Bulk mailing is easy and fast because you print your own postage to send the large volume of invoices, statements, etc.
  • A postage meter has its own built-in integrated scale thereby eliminating errors when you apply stamps.
  • Helps cut down on mail theft because there is a lock on all postage meter machine.

USPS states mail theft can be dramatically reduced due to stolen postage stamps and supplies because postage meters can be locked.

A bonus feature is any business gets free advertising when they use a postage meter.  Every postage meter tape can have an imprint which adheres to the letter or package

This imprint can be your company's logo, design, message or name. It's advertising you don't pay extra to have and it's on every item you send out from your office.

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Is There a Best Postage Meter for Small Businesses?

To best determine what is the best postage meter for your small business here are some questions you need to ask yourself.

How much mail does your small business send out any given week?  Determine your volume on what you need daily, weekly or monthly?  How much mail does your small business send out any given week?  Determine your volume on what you need daily, weekly or monthly? This is something you can do prior to leasing a postage meter.

You also may want to ask yourself if you want an automatic postage meter or a manual postage meter?  Automatic postage meters save you time but cost more.

  • Pitney Bowes
  • Neopost
  • Martin Yale Desktop Meter
  • Dymo-Mailing Solutions
  • Hasler Inc

Should I Lease or Buy a Small Business Postage Meter?

You will never own a postage meter.  You cannot buy a postage meter. Postage meters are considered part of the United States Postal Service and you can only lease one.

Which begs the question, which one is best for a small business postage meter lease? There are many online options to help determine affordability and small business postage options.

These websites will give you a general idea of what is available and what your budget can absorb. Some small business postage meters have fixed fees and some have usage-based leases.

If you do plan to use your postage meter a lot, the usage base lease may be best as you pay based on your usage.

Some postage meter vendors charge fixed fees with a hard cap on your monthly amount.  It doesn't matter how much you use the meter.

Make sure you find out what type of lease it is before you sign the dotted line.

How Do I Lease Postage Meters for Small Businesses?

Start by going to a business that has experience in not just leasing postage meters for small businesses but explaining how each postage meter differs.

As a small business owner, it is important to know what type of postage meter works best in your business and which one fits your budget.

We offer so many postage meter solutions for small business owners. We answer any question, discuss all the viable postage meter solutions until you are satisfied.

How Do I Start the Process?

To select the best post meter go with a supplier who cares about the growth and development of your small business.

We will adjust your postage meter equipment to meet the needs of your small business growth and development.

We have the most postage meter options at some of the lowest cost in the business.

We prove this through our online postage meter cost guide.  The postage meter cost guide addresses your budget concerns.

As soon as you input your small business size, we give you our best quote and all which is included.

We don't stop trying to save you money because two are always stronger than one when joined together.

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