How Much Do Commercial Janitorial Services Cost?

Janitorial services make up a $78 billion industry today. It's a necessary service and that's why so many professionals choose to invest in it.

If you're a small business owner, you'll want to set aside some money in your budget for commercial janitorial service. Before you do that, you need to get answers to some questions.

How much do janitorial services cost? How can you find the right janitorial company? Keep reading to learn more about budgeting and hiring the best janitors you can find.

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How Much Do Janitorial Services Cost?

Your first step is to set a budget for your janitorial service. Get to know what commercial cleaning companies in your city are charging.

The average cost of commercial cleaning is about $100 to $200 for basic services. Ask for an itemized list of every service included.

Once you hire cleaning services, you'll have a clear idea of the benefits, which include:

  • A clean, sanitary work environment
  • Improvements in mood and morale
  • Employees get sick less, which means taking fewer sick days
  • Companies will create better professional impressions
  • A clean environment makes people more productive
  • Keeping everything clean saves you money long-term

Requesting quotes from a few different cleaning companies will help you find a janitorial company within your budget.

Go With Experienced Commercial Janitorial Services

Make sure that the cleaning company has years of experience. Get a list of their references, ask how long their company has existed, and make sure they're licensed and insured.

You might also prefer to hire a family-owned business for their experience and ties to the community. During the consultation, look for the company to have a grasp on your needs, with several solutions and suggestions.

Understand Exactly What You Need

Knowing what services you need will help you find the right janitorial company. Janitorial companies serve several niches. Approach a consultation prepared to discuss:

  • How many days per week or month do you need cleaning
  • How many rooms need vacuuming, mopping, toilet, and sink cleaning
  • Your company's business hours
  • Whether you need services like window cleaning and pressure washing
  • If you have a temporary or one-time deep cleaning project

A bit of reflection will steer you toward creating the perfect arrangement for your cleaning service. The more accurate you are with your needs, the more accurate your price quotes will be.

Break Down Your Price Quotes

Book as many consultations as possible, and re-assess once you've received at least four or five quotes. Ask how much they charge, and keep in mind that companies that provide janitorial services for business are used to making flexible arrangements.

After the consultation, they'll provide a contract with an itemized price quote for what you need. Read every price quote line by line and compare them. This lets you examine whether you're receiving a fair price based on the current market.

Look at the quote holistic and further than price alone. The cheapest janitorial services aren't necessarily the best. Use price as a measuring stick, along with making sure that you're getting quality for what you pay for.

Find Out the Supplies They Use

Ask for a list of the cleaning supplies and tools the professionals use during cleaning appointments. You might prefer to work with janitors that use eco-friendly products. These cleaning products are less toxic and are generally safer.

Learn about the types of mops, brooms, vacuums, and other equipment their janitors use on-site. Choose companies that prioritize the highest quality equipment so that each cleaning appointment is handled quickly and effectively.

Get a Breakdown of Their Services

Discuss in detail how every room of your office will be cleaned. Pay careful attention to your floor surfaces to make sure they're properly cleaned. Consider whether you have marble, linoleum, hardwood, composite, or some type of stone.

Choose carefully so that the cleaning products don't strip or damage the floors.

Vacuuming your carpets will help you keep a sanitary office. Bacteria left unchecked festering in your carpets can circulate allergins. Consider how often and how much foot traffic you have circulating in your building, so you can figure out how often you need your floors vacuumed.

Get a list of every service you need to find out which are included and which are extra.

Set a Schedule That Works

Determine what schedule is best for your company. You'll want a deep cleaning at least once a week if you run a full-time business. Companies that get a lot of foot traffic should schedule cleaning five days a week.

Consider your business hours, and whether you'd prefer cleaning services in the morning, afternoon, or evening. Ask which scheduling options they provide and assess the price differences.

Gauge Their Safety and Professionalism

Make sure the cleaning company passes the test when it comes to professionalism. They should have a public presence and a high reputation. Consider their conduct during the consultation, and whether their cleaning professionals wear uniforms and show up promptly.

Ask if you'll have a consistent team of the same cleaning contractors, or if various janitors will rotate. Continuity is often best and will give you a reference point in case the quality starts to slip.

Always hire janitorial companies that exercise safety precautions. This prevents liabilities and ensures that your workplace stays safe.

Reach out to other professionals in your network and ask them for leads on some janitorial companies that live up to these standards. Hiring a company based on a reference might also get you a discount on the price.

Look for the Best Janitorial Services

Janitorial services are an amazing investment in your company. Knowing how to hire the right company starts with the price, and includes several other factors to consider.

Take notes on the points above, and use this information as your litmus test when you're shopping around. We can help you out when you're looking to hire professionals and need to get a fair quote.

Browse our guide to office cleaning service, and use our quote request form so that you can hire the best pros in your area.

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